Adobe Flash Player free download for windows 10

adobe flash player free download for windows 10

Adobe Flash Player free download for windows 10. You need to download a Flash Player file to install it on computers with Windows 10 operating system. On this page you will find an Adobe Flash Player download link for your web browser. There are two download links. One can be installed on Opera, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers. The other is installed in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you are using both web browsers, you should also download the two files.

Files are compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. You can safely download the file whatever your Windows 10 version. It is installed as an add-on. It can be installed on all Windows 10 operating systems.

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About it

Software developer : Adobe Systems Incorporated
Version :
License : Free
O.S. : Windows 10 64 bit & 32 bit

Download (Opera + Microsoft Edge + Google Chrome) : Adobe Flash Player free download for windows 10

Download (Mozilla Firefox) : Adobe Flash Player free download for windows 10

Install :

Opera + Microsoft Edge + Google Chrome

Download flashplayer27pp_xa_install.exe from your desktop. Double-click the file to launch the download. The Flash player download manager will start downloading the latest version. You should close the open web browsers when uploading. After the installation is complete, click “Finish”. That is all.

Mozilla Firefox

Download the flashplayer27_xa_install.exe file to your desktop. Do the above operations for this file in the same way. If you want to find all versions individually, you can browse the Adobe Flash Player free download page.

The versions that accept the upload are:

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 Education
Windows 10 IoT Core
Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10
Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10

Windows 10 users may not know how to install the program. For this reason, I’ll explain how to install the latest version of the program on a computer and how to download an installation file. First download the program installation files for Windows 10 by clicking on each of the links below. You need to download both files, because you need two setup files for different web browsers.

Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Free Download latest Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox

Free Download latest Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10


If you are only using a single web browser, you can download only the compatible Flash player installation file. Double-click on the downloaded file and press “Next” button to install it. If your web browser is 64bit, a 64 bit Flash player will be installed. Thus, there is no need to download a separate installation file for Windows 10 64-bit users.

Users with Windows 10 operating system can see Flash files playing on web browsers after completing the installation.

Other download links

Click here (Download Adobe Flash Player) if you want to see other download links for the Adobe Flash player.

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