Chicago Bulls Calendar 2018 free download

Chicago Bulls Calendar 2018 free download. It is America’s legendary basketball team. It won the most important championships in NBA history. It’s hard to even find a ticket to watch the basketball match when Michael Jordan plays. They are not performing well during their 2017-2018 season. But it still continues to be the master of the hearts of basketball fans.

That’s why I … I wanted to give a gift to the lovers of this legendary team by preparing the Chicago Bulls 2018 calendar. I shared the monthly calendar of the year 2018 with those who want to download it. Calendars were created in a vertical position. So you can easily hang the calendar on the wall of your office. I added pictures of team at the top of the calendar. At the bottom of the it I added the 2018.

The resolution size of the picture is 1400×2130 pixels. You can print the image on an A3 paper. I added Chicago Bulls’ teammate picture on one of the calendars. In the other documents there is a picture showing the player’s basket shot. On the third, a coke box with the logo appears. On the fourth, the logo is a big sculpture.

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