Word calendar template 2017

word calendar template 2017

Word calendar template 2017. We can make many office tools with Microsoft Word software. The most we need is the Monthly Calendar. I also edited the calendar 2017 in Microsoft Word software, considering this need. After downloading the calendar files, you can make a different view by modifying them.

Install the software and press the “page layout” button to change the area of the first opened page. There is “redirecting” text under that button, click on it, and then click the “horizontal” text in the options that pop up. So we turned the page horizontally for the calendar.

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Then you will need to add a table to the middle area. Click on the “add” tab to add a table, and then click the “table” button. Add a square table with dimensions of (7×7) using the table properties you want to insert. Combine the cells in the topmost area of the table horizontally. Type the name of the calendar in this field and add the date. Such as “Calendar month of August 2017”.

Narrow down the boxes underneath, and write the names of the days in these boxes respectively. When all is over hold the two row and column areas with the mouse and paint the background with navy blue. The color of the texts is black by default. So, make the text in the box white.

Write the day numbers of the month to the boxes at the bottom. Combine the remaining parts and add a note field here. It’s so easy to set up calendar with Microsoft Word. After the theme is over, you can make the calendar look colorful by adding pictures to the empty squares.

Features :

The 2017 calendars were created in Microsoft Word. The calendar has been edited monthly and a note-writing area has been added at the bottom.

In the upper area of the calendar you can add pictures just below the frames where the day names are written. This calendar was made in half the size of A4 paper to be compatible with the digital image printing machine. And it was made in a size of 26×13 cm.


Download : Microsoft word calendar template 2017 free download

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After downloading calendars, open them with Word, then edit them on the calendar. When calendars are ready to print, you can get an output sample by pressing the CTRL + P keys on the keyboard.

You will first need a Microsoft Word software. I am adding a link to download the software earlier, click here to download (Microsoft Word 2013 free download).

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