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WinSCP downloadsecure FTP file transfer software. The WinSCP software allows FTP users to securely transfer files (SFTP). When transferring files via program, other people can not read the data in your files and copy the files. WinSCP makes this a secure reference. When some e-commerce websites send their files via FTP, they want to protect the files. It is an FTP software that is very important for website users to know about security. This software makes it easy to transfer files by connecting to computers that do not have the FTP server feature via SSH. At this point, SFTP securely transfers files and prevents files from being played. When you start to download and use program, you will understand better how useful it is.

Because when you make an FTP connection it saves it and allows you to make a connection on this number by pressing a single button at a time when you want to connect to the same server later. In fact, if you have a large number of links, you can make it easier to find them by grouping links. However, since WinSCP supports SSH1 and SSH2 connection protocols, you can also make both kinds of secure file transfers.

Features :

Software : WinSCP
Date : 2018
Version : 5.11.2
Category : FTP Software
O.S. : All Windows
File size : 9.0 MB
License : Free

WinSCP download

How to download WinSCP?

To download the secure file transfer software, click here to open the original web site. Click the “Installation package” link to download the latest version of WinSCP on the website that opens. A 9 MB file named WinSCP-5.11.2-Setup.exe will be installed on the computer. This file is the download file you will use to install the FTP software.

How to download WinSCP portable?

It is a ready-made software that does not require portable installation. First open the original website by clicking here. Click the “Portable executables” link to download the file. A 7.2MB file named will be downloaded to the computer. Extract the files from the Zip file and start using portable.

How to download files from the library?

First open the original website by clicking here. Click the “.NET assembly / COM library” link in the page. A 7.2 MB file named will be downloaded to the computer. Unzip the downloaded library files from the zip folder and start using them.

How to download source code?

First open the original website by clicking here. Click the “Source code” link on the website that opens. A 11.9 MB file named will be downloaded to the computer. Extract the contents of the downloaded compressed file into a folder. Files containing extracted source code are free to use.

How to install WinSCP?

Download the WinSCP-5.11.2-Setup file and double-click it. Press the “I agree” button to confirm the first windowed license agreement. You are prompted to select the type of installation on the second screen. There is no need to change the default option, press “Next” button here. On the third screen you will see two options for the user interface, the above default option is more useful, do not change it, then press “Next” button. When you press the “Install” button in the fourth window, the setup starts. When the program installation is complete, press the “Finish” button.

The first time you run software …

The first time the software is run, the “Login” screen appears. In this screen, type the IP number of the server you want to securely FTP to in the “Host name” field. Keep the port number as 22, do not change it. If your server has another port number, type it. In the “Username” field, type the user name of the server. Type the server password in the “Password” field and then press the “Save” button. This ensures a secure SFTP connection and opens the software. You can then start using the software.

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