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Windows spotlight pictures download

Windows spotlight pictures download

by Ashley McKinnelJune 16, 2017

Windows spotlight pictures download

Do you want to download free spotlight pictures? All pictures are the size that you can use as a background wallpaper on all computers with Windows operating system. The spotlight picture resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. There are spotlight pictures of nature scenery with light effects, buildings with light effect, clouds and city views.

In each picture, the light spreads from one spot to illuminate a certain part of the picture. In some spotlight picture there are lighted objects and light objects shining, some have a sunshine effect.

Windows spotlight bridge pictures download

You can make a background of your computer using the Windows spotlight images about the bridges above. You can brighten all the lights on the bridge using a Photoshop CS6 software. All spotlight images were made with Adobe Photoshop graphic design software.

Download : windows spotlight bridge pictures download ( 5 Pics 1920×1080 )

Windows spotlight building pictures download

Here are the illuminated building visuals. download and use the Windows spotlight building images for free.

Download : windows spotlight building pictures download ( 3 Pics 1920×1080 )

Windows spotlight city pictures download

Windows spotlight city photos were shot in America. Light effects were made with photo editing software. Windows spotlight images have a resolution of 1920×1080.

Download : windows spotlight city pictures download ( 4 Pics 1920×1080 )

Windows spotlight nature pictures download

Download : windows spotlight nature pictures download ( 11 Pics 1920×1080 )

Windows spotlight object pictures download

Download : windows spotlight object pictures download ( 4 Pics 1920×1080 )

Windows spotlight picture features

Usable operating systems : Windows XP + + Windows Vista + Windows 7 + Windows 8 + Windows 10
Picture resolution : 1920×1080 pixel
Picture file size : 1.5 MB /../ 3.5 MB
Total size of all pictures : 43.4 MB
Total number of pictures : 27 units

Windows spotlight pictures download link.

Click here to download all pictures:

Windows spotlight pictures download

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