VLC Media Player 2018 for Windows free download

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player 2018 for Windows free download (New Version). We have new news for those who want to download the new version of VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player version 2018 has been developed, you can download it from the internet. The newly released VLC Player software has a much more useful interface. The video player button has been changed. With VLC Player version 2018 now has more video playback feature. VLC Media Player download options include computers with Windows operating system. You can download free VLC Media Player 2018 for a computer with Windows operating system on it.

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How to download VLC Media Player ?

First click on the VLC Media Player download link in the web page. A download warning window will open to upload a file to the computer. If you click on the download button on the download window, the download will start immediately. You will need to select a download directory for the file to be downloaded on some computers.

How to install VLC Media Player ?

When VLC Media Player is installed, first a window will be opened to determine which directory to install. Press “Next” button while in installation window. Read the installation license terms on the next window and press the “Next” button again. VLC Media Player automatically installs your computer and installation is complete.


A large number of Codec components are defined in the new version of VLC Media Player. You can play almost all video files with VLC Media Player. Users of VLC Media Player are very satisfied with the interface view. In VLC Media Player 2018 version, the slight changes in the interface. The VLC Media Player has been around for a while, now the VLC Media Player interface is an advanced video player.

Download : VLC Media Player 2018 for Windows free download

The VLC Media Player download file is only suitable for Windows operating systems.

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