Tips of attracting visitors from Pinterest to the Website in 5 steps

attracting visitors from pinterest

Tips of attracting visitors from Pinterest to the Website in 5 steps. Website owners who want to use Pinterest and attract visitors to the web site must read this article. If you have a small number of visitors on your website and you need more visitors, you should open a page on Pinterest. There are many ways to attract visitors from Pinterest. If you implement these methods in turn, you can attract a large number of visitors to your website.

1) Create a Pinterest account for your website

if you want to increase the number of visitors coming through Pinterest, the account you need to use must be suitable for your website. For this reason, make your Pinterest account name, logo, URL extension, categories similar to those on your website. A Pinterest visitor should also be curious about your website while browsing the page you are creating. The best way to ensure this is to make your logo look remarkable.

2) Create at least 100 Pinterest pages

Do not try to send pictures after opening your Pinterest account. First, create at least 100 board pages so your account appears to be full. Because; when you start sharing pictures, the visitor to the page should think that there are too many pictures on that page. Of course, it is necessary to load pictures into the boards you have created. For this, first upload 10 images to each board. However, do not upload the images to be uploaded from your own computer. Find similar Pinterest accounts, and share the pictures there on your own panel. Sharing pictures of other users makes it easier to create an account that is active and full of pictures. So before you share your own pictures, you’ll have an account with a lot of content that all users can appreciate. You should add 2 images a day into each board after this step. So, after a month you will have uploaded a total of 6000 pictures. The more images you upload, the more visitors you gain. However, you should know that … To attract visitors to your Pinterest account to your website, it is not enough to just upload a picture. You should use a good method to attract the Pinterest website to the web site.

3) How should the pictures be shared in Pinterest?

Add +25 to one side of each image to show the shared image more intriguing. So a visitor browsing the Pinterest picture will think that he will see more pictures when he clicks on the picture, so he will want to click on it right away. However, if a visitor does not see a large number of images on the opening page after clicking on the thumbnail, then he will not be interested in your Pinterest account again. So you must have at least 20 images on the page that will be opened when the visitor clicks on the image. This means to create pages with thousands of images. This is of course a very difficult solution. But you can do it using a more practical method.

4) Create a page showing random images to your website

It is more convenient for you to direct visitors to your website from your Pinterest account to a single page instead of redirecting them separately. There must be at least 20-25 different images in this page, and random images should appear every time the page is opened. So that website visitors will see different-different images every time, so they will not leave your website. However, a separate page should be created for each board. And the page you create on your website must have at least 1000 different images. So you will prove that you have a Pinterest account and a website with plenty of content.

5) Add the Pinterest share button to your website

You should put a “Share in Pinterest” button just below the pictures on the website. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the visitor likes to share the picture in their own clipboard. So that visitors who visit your site via Pinterest will have the opportunity to attract more visitors to your website.

If you do a study like this, you will have attracted at least 2000 visitors per day to your website after 1 year. this number will be even higher over time and you will be able to effectively use Pinterest.

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