Smadav AntiVirus 2018 free download

Smadav AntiVirus 2018 free download

Smadav AntiVirus 2018 free download. Smadav AntiVirus is an anti-virus software from Indonesian. It is very popular in Indonesia. Smadav specifically cleans viruses coming through USB Flashdisk. With Flashdisk Protection, it prevents all virus threats. It provides the security of computers with Windows operating system. Is a very reliable protection software. Smadav AntiVirus is very similar to Kaspersky antivirus software in terms of usage. If you have used Kaspersky before, you can also use this software. Smadav AntiVirus 2018 is not in the best order of virus software.

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Free and full version comparison :

These are the differences between the free version and the full version :

Auto-Scan USB Flashdisk [Free : OK] [Pro : OK]
Scanner for PC [Free : OK] [Pro : OK]

Automatic update online [Free : none] [Pro : OK]
Anti-Ransomware settings [Free : none] [Pro : OK]
Protection settings [Free : none] [Pro : OK]
New future features [Free : none] [Pro : OK]
Pro fit/Commercial use [Free : none] [Pro : OK]
Tools & Additional features [Free : none] [Pro : OK]

Version features :

Software developer : Smadav
License : Free
Version : 2018
O.S. : Windows (XP,Vista,7,8,10 [32bit + 64bit])
Language : English

Download : Smadav AntiVirus 2018 free download

Install :

Double-click on the smadav2017rev65.exe file you downloaded to your PC desktop. You will see a drop-down window language selection. Select English and press “OK” button. Press the “Next” button on the next window. Do this three more times. Press the “Install” button in the fourth window. Smadav AntiVirus software will be installed quickly. When the installation is complete, press the “Finish” button in the final window and wait for the software to open.

Update :

Smadav AntiVirus 2018 will try to load the update files the first time it is launched. This opens an update window for you. Select “Download & Update Automatically” at the bottom of this window. Then press “Download new version” button. If you press the button, a web browser opens and the website opens. Click the “free download” button on the right side of the web site and wait for the download to complete. If the file you downloaded is already up to date, it will not show you this warning. Upload the second downloaded file in the same way. You should see that it has a green interface when you open the Smadav 2018 software.

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