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Sleek Bill free billing software download. Sleek Bill is an invoice editing software. Firms with financial operations and invoicing businesses can use this program. It has a fairly easy use. You can add new invoices or change existing records. It can be downloaded for free.

There are advantages to many bill payment software. It makes billing easier. Sleek Bill for India billing software is a product of Intelligent IT. This is a popular bill payment software in India.

Version : 2.0.1
Date : 2018
Language : English
File size : 37.0MB

Download : Sleek Bill free billing software download

Install :

Double-click the Install_SleekBill_India.exe file on the desktop. Press the “Next” button when the Sleek Bill installation window opens. Press the “I Agree” button on the license agreement window. In the “Choose Install Location” window, press the “Install” button. When the installation is complete, press the “Finish” button.

Update :

If you have an older version of Sleek Bill you will not see a button in the program to update it. You must download a new version to update Sleek Bill. When you install the new version, the files in the old version are replaced with the new ones and the program is completely updated.

Free version to make Premium :

If the free version of Sleek Bill wants to make the program Premium, first press the “get premium features” button at the top right of the program. Press “I go Premium and get the best of Sleek Bill” in the area that says “Premium License” on the pop-up window. Type and save the license key in the text box there. If you do not have a license key, click here to buy it.

Use :

When you open the program for the first time you will see a white window covering the screen and you will have three buttons to select on it. The button at the top is for testing the Sleek Bill software. The middle button is for program use. If you press the button at the bottom, you can edit the personal data you want to save as a program.

If you press the test button, an information window opens. Press the “OK” button and close this window. Then a hint window opens. After reading this tip, open the new page by pressing the “Next Type” button. So keep pushing the same button to read the other clues.

Other tips in the Sleek Bill software include:

1 : To start using the program, you can add all your input directly from the new document form with no hassle at all. You can also opt to import initial data in the Clients and Products reports using the sample Excel files.

2 : You can keep track of your inventory. Enable or disable this feature by navigating to Settings > Preferences.

3 : You can add/edit the current stock value for each product in the Products/Services report by enabling the feature in the Preferences screen.

4 : When you add a new product in the Products/Services report, you can add a current stock value by enabling the feature in the Preferences screen. The program will automatically adjust the values when you invoice the products.

5 : To customize the labels that appear on printed documents, go to Settings > Document Preferences. . For example, you can choose to display Services rather than Products, Rate rather than Unit Price, Quotation rather than Estimate a.s.o.

6 : To start using the program, you can add all your input directly from the new document form with no hassle at all. You can also opt to import initial data in the Clients and Products reports using the sample Excel files.

I close the clue window by pressing the “Close” button.

You will see various links on the Sleek Bill window. When you click on the “Invoices” link you will see all the invoice records you have programmed. Here you can edit the entries. When you click on the “Estimates” link, you will be sent to the evaluations for the records. The “Clients” button opens the window where you have saved all of your customers. Here you can change your billing records for your customers. The “Products / Services” link opens a window where you can register your products. You can also add this window service log. You can back up the Sleek Bill software in the “Tools” field. Click on the “Backup Data” link to make a backup. In the window that opens, press the “Backup” button. Select where you want to load the backup file. Then press the “OK” button to load an .sbf file. The resulting file contains the data you can re-upload all of your Sleek Bill records. Press the “Restore Data” button to load the Sleek Bill records into the program. Select the backup file you saved earlier and press the “Restore” button. However, this does not work in Test mode, so you must be in program mode to do so.

Settings :

If you press the “Company details” button, a window opens where you can save your company’s title and contact information. Here you can also upload a logo image for your company. When you click on the “Taxes” link, a window opens where you can change the tax rates. Here you can adjust your payment or income tax rates. The “Email” button can help you to send an email. “Preferences” bağlantısına tıkladığınız zaman programın bir kaç ayarını değiştirebileceğiniz pencere açılır.

General preferences :

Automatically save a backup PDF in reports folder : If checked, the program saves the issued documents in PDF format in the C:\Sleek Bill\reports folder on your hard disk.

Use password protection : Set up a password to secure your business information.

Add current stock of products and keep track of stocks : If checked, you can add the current stock for each product. When a products is used on an invoice, the relevant quantity will be subtracted from the current stock.

Ask what to do with newly added products : If checked, for each new product added in the program, you will be asked what you wish to the next with that product.

Automatically save new products to the database : If checked, each new product added in the program will be saved away to the database.

Show tips on startup : If checked, the program shows tips on various features on startup.

Document preferences :

Show shipping address and billing address on documents : If checked, the shipping address will be shown on your documents even if it is the same as the billing address.

Add taxes to the values in the Amount column : If checked, the documents will display the values including taxes in the Amount column.

Uninstall :

To remove the Sleek Bill software from the computer, open the Add / Remove Programs page. Right-click on the Program icon and then click the “remove” button. Press the “Yes” button when the warning window opens. Select one option on the last window and press “OK” button. Sleek Bill has been removed from the computer.

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