Short Haircuts 2018

2018 short haircuts

Short Haircuts 2018. I know there are ladies who change hair cuts every month. It is changed more often. Almost every week there are ladies who change their style. Men change style once a month. As this is the case, new styles related to hair cuts are being created. Every year styles come out with new shapes. The most popular haircut in 2017 was Pixie. Pixie was preferred by all women and men between the ages of 15-30. The ladies also started to participate in this population. In 2017, 36% of women in the United States preferred short hair styles. This ratio was 32% in the previous year. I expect this rate to exceed 40% in 2018. Especially young girls and older women over 50 prefer to shorten their hair.

Women between the ages of 30-50 continue to prefer long hair. I mentioned in 2018 which haircut would become more popular. For this reason, I want you to know how much money a pixie fee is.

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How much will haircuts cost in 2018?

If you are a living lady in America you should pay a minimum of $ 50 to the beauty salon to get a Pixie style. Boys can make Pixie style by paying $ 20. Men’s hair salons are more affordable. In Canada, these prices are a little more affordable. The minimum wage the women will pay is $ 30, and the fee for men is only $ 15. England is the most expensive country in this regard. We know that ladies living in the UK pay more than $ 100 for the Pixie short hairstyle. Will cutting fees change in 2018? Of course it may change but I’m sure it will not be cheap. Because in recent times people have done dyeing as well as having cuts. Hair dyeing doubles the price you pay, and some beauty salons may demand more of this price. For this reason, the money they spend on beauty salons for women wanting to dye hair can reach up to 2500 dollars a year.

What innovations will emerge in 2018?

One of the reasons for changing haircuts is that they want to look like a celebrity they admire. In 2017, the proportion of women who changed their hair to match famous people was 75%. In males this rate was up to 51%. I think the rates will be the same in 2018. The ladies follow their Facebook or Instagram pages to make their celebrities style. Celebrity styles make famous hairdressing salons. Many hairstylists have already started their design work to create popular haircuts that will become popular in 2018.

Possible innovations in haircuts in 2018 include:

The spray will be used less to shape the hair.
Natural looking haircuts will become more popular.
Dyes will be chosen from different colors.
The most popular color will be platinum yellow and light hues.
That looks upright and is shaped horizontally will be created.
Less dyeing sessions will be recommended to prevent hair loss.
Scissors will be preferred instead of the machines used for cutting hair.

The year 2018 is approaching … I’m preparing pictures for new short haircuts. Over time I add download links for each kind. You can bulk download by clicking on the download links below or, You can browse the pictures by clicking the link text.

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