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pes 2019

Pes 2019 download. Pes 2019 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2019) soccer game is waiting for us all to download the new release in 2019. What are the new features added in Pes 2019? Which teams will the players be transferred to? How will the real football players look at Pro Evolution Soccer? We started to wait for soccer game to come out. It is the latest version of soccer game series released in 2019. You can play Pro Evolution Soccer on both PC and console games like XBOX, Playstation.

Pes 2019 Update

If you have Pes 2018 version, you can make Pes 2019 updates from the updates page of the settings window. New player transfers and team information will be uploaded after the update. If you have already downloaded the game to your computer, do not update it. Delete the old Pes, but do not delete the data data so that you can continue the game with the data you play.

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Pes 2019 Demo release date

The date on which game will be released to the market is not yet known, but according to the information we have received from foreign sources, it is known that a trailer of the game will be published in November of 2018. When the release date of Pes 2019 is known, we will inform you from here. Those who want to play soccer on the internet can play a trial game through Konami website.

Pes 2019 System requirements

System requirement information is generally more important for those who want to play game on the computer. Pes 2019 system requirements for users using the Windows operating system are as follows:

Minimum system requirements :

OS : Windows 7
Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-6402P Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz)
Graphics Card : Gigabyte 4 GB NVIDIA 256 Bit GDDR5 GTX970 7010 mhz
Memory : 4 GB
HDD : 32 GB
Direct X : DX11

Ideal system requirements :

OS : Windows 10
Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-6700T Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)
Graphics Card : Asus 4 GB NVIDIA 256 Bit GDDR5 GTX980 7010 mhz
Memory : 8 GB
HDD : 32 GB
Direct X : DX11

Pes 2019 Transfer patch

One of the most important attachments is of course the transfer patch. The Pes 2019 transfer patch must be loaded. Thanks to this football player transfer patch you can add new footballers to your team. If you want to play realistic soccer game, you must download this add-on absolutely. Once you have downloaded the Pes transfer patch, load it into the “C:/Program Files/Konami/” folder on your computer. Be sure to copy the old file to an edge before adding it so that you do not get in trouble if something goes wrong.

Download : Download link will be added in November of 2018.

3 Comments on “Pes 2019 download”

  1. In 2017 I played a German League with Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich did not compromise the game discipline until the end of the league. I think that the new discipline of teams according to 2016 in the new version has been made more stable.

    Will this game quality be further improved in 2018 or 2019?

    I have done research on this subject and read various magazines. In the future, gaming technologies will be further developed. In the upcoming version all of the players will look more realistic. The reality of newly developed games will also be at the best level. However, after 2019, the hardware power of your computers will no longer be enough for you. You will have to buy computers with faster navy.

    What computer hardware should be?

    When Pes 2019 is released to the market, you will have to buy a computer with an advanced processor to play this game. If you buy a computer for about $ 3000, you can play this game without experiencing the screen problem. But this will also be a profit. Being able to play Pes as realistic will give you more pleasure than you expect. I hope that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will record the real names of the teams. A realistic soccer game should not just consist of graphics.

    will the kit issue be over in Pes 2019?

    Kit’s are developed for games to have a true display. For this reason, kits suitable for each new Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 version are developed. However, the need for a kit download in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 2019 may come to an end. Because all the teams will have a real kit and all the teams’ logos and the footballers will be played with the real appearance.

  2. It was the best game I played recently. All versions of the game have been better since 2016. I will get a much better game experience since 2019 will be a realistic football appearance. The most important thing I wonder about in this version is the name of the teams. Will we now see the teams with their real names? I hope this is true.

  3. I downloaded PES 2018. I play game all the way from morning to night. I love soccer games, it was my indispensable. I hope 2019 will be released sooner, because a new version is a new excitement.

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