Oracle to MySQL free download 2018

Oracle to MySQL

Oracle to MySQL free download 2018. It is a database software that converts an database file to a MySQL file. So you can load database into the server. Using software you can easily connect to the database without using ODBC-like software.

With software, you can use the following features:

Converts all indexes found in the database.
Thanks to command line support, it can be used on Linux operating system computers.
Oracle components can be used without needing to install.
Transforms the keys that are added to the foreign key.
Loads the comments into database.
Synchronizes data in MySQL and Oracle databases.
It deletes the data in the database using “SELECT” queries.

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License : Trial version
OS : Windows series 32&64bit + Linux&Unix
Language : English
Version :
Release : 2018

Download : Oracle to MySQL free download 2018


Double-click on the downloaded ora2sqld.exe file on the computer. Press the “Next” button in the opened window. In the next window, select “I accept the agreement” and press “Next”. In the next windows, press the “Next” button. Finally, press the “Install” button and start the installation. If you press the “Finish” button when the installation is finished, the software opens the Oracle-to-MySQL conversion tool.

When the conversion window opens, select “Move to server directly” and press “Next” button. Type the next window server IP number in the text box at the top. Type the database name and username in the text boxes below and press “Next” to make a direct connection to your server. You can then download the database file and upload it to the server.

This installation only provides a demo version. To install the full version of Oracle-to-MySQL, you must be a 1-year subscriber. You must pay a specific fee for this. If you need software to convert the database to MySQL format, Oracle-to-MySQL is worth paying for this fee.

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