Norton antivirus 2018 security firewall settings

norton antivirus security firewall settings

Norton antivirus 2018 security firewall settings. How Norton should be the best firewall setting ? Norton’s newly released computer protection can make very detailed settings. Security firewalls offer many different options. You should do well in setting up the firewall to avoid virus infection from the internet. For Norton AntiVirus 2018, the firewall must be configured as follows.

General settings

The smart security wall must be turned on. And here are the other settings under this heading:

Hiding blocked ports : on
Status information protocol filter: on

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Network settings

Set the following settings to maintain network reliability and device security :

Network usage limit : on

Intrusion and browser protection

Make the following security settings so that your computer is not infected :

Intrusion prevention : on
Notification : on
Prevention from exploitation attempts : on
Browser protection : on
Download information center : on
Download record notification : on
Show report while launching files: always

We need to know very well how to best use the program we use to protect your computer. Because the program must be used correctly to prevent viruses that can be transmitted to the computer. You will not need a lot of knowledge to do this. The correct application is to not break the default order of the program.

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