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mozilla firefox 2017

Mozilla Firefox 2017 Free Download. A new version of Mozilla Firefox, one of the two most popular web browsers in the world, is released. The Firefox web browser competing with Google, working to become the world’s most popular browser software.

It is very important that the web pages that we see while browsing the web are opened quickly. The speed for PCs is no longer a problem nowadays, but mobile users still need speed for web pages. As the number of people using mobile phones has increased in recent times browser software that best opens web pages will be the most preferred. The new version of Mozilla Firefox seems to have solved this problem. Now let’s look at the features of Mozilla’s new internet browser.

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  • Firefox is still a popular browser, as it is in the second place in the list of internet browsers. Now let’s look at the new features of the browser:
  • If you press the “Back” button at the top of the browser, you can see all the data about it which web page is open previously. Even if you are offline, web pages are visible.
  • The passwords that are saved when you delete the web browser history files are never deleted.
  • Home page viruses that are exposed by the Google Chrome web browser are not infected with this browser.
  • It can be installed on devices with 64 bit operating system.

Speed test :

2017 Mozilla Firefox is opening a 1MB web page on the mobile phone with a 3 Mbps internet connection in 1.2 seconds. In computers the situation is a bit different because a faster page opens.  Firefox has become the fastest internet browser in the world by opening a 1MB web page at about a tenth of a second.

Features :

What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 2017? Browse them:

On the main page of Firefox, a plugin that displays various news of their own has been added. They add to the upper right part of the browser to make it easier to use, the “Downloads”, “bookmarks”, “History”, “Add-ons” and “Options” buttons.

New features have been added for privacy settings. In the previous version, additional features have been added, removing the restriction on changing privacy settings.

you can upload your own Firefox settings to all the devices you use with a Sync. Thus eliminating the need to set individual settings for each device.

In order to make it easier to read web sites opened on Android mobile phones, the size of the texts and the view have been adjusted. In addition, a language change option has been added, making it easy to change the search engine. Free Mozilla Firefox 2017 have been a very successful web browser thanks to its latest version.

I like this new web browser of Firefox very much. I think you will find more users from Google Chrome in the new year. Two web browsers will always be popular. However, I think Firefox will be the most popular web browser this year.

Download : Mozilla Firefox 2017 free download

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  1. Mozilla Firefox 2017 is the latest software release for internet users. When you download the latest version of web browser, your computer will be installed with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox update plugin. The Mozilla Firefox MAC add-on is for Macintosh PCs. You can also install the new version of Mozilla on your laptop computer. Mobile users can download Mozilla browser version from Google Play store. You can download recent updates and attachments using Mozilla update services.

  2. Mozilla has introduced a new 64-bit installation option that can be installed on computers with a 64-bit operating system. However, there is no need to download a separate firefox.exe file to install 64-bit. Those who want to install 64 bit Firefox should choose “Custom” during installation phase and then choose 64 bit version of Firefox to be installed. If you install the web browser in this way you will have a 64 bit browser. Mozilla Firefox 2017 latest version can be installed as 64 bit for all operating systems. If you do not have a Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, just install the new one now, and start browsing the web fast with Browser.

  3. I have a computer with 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system installed. Since this computer has a 64 bit operating system, I wanted to download a version of Firefox that is suitable for it. As a result of research I have done, I have found the Mozilla Firefox web browser which is suitable for 64 bit operating systems and I want to share it with you. I shared a link to download Windows 7 Ultimate compatible 64 bit Mozilla Firefox web browser. Click and download it.

    1. Thank you for sharing the Mozilla Firefox 64 bit web browser connection with us. But I must say that … The Firefox download file on our page also includes 64-bit Firefox files that can be installed on 64-bit operating systems.

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