Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download

Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download
Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download

Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser Introduction
Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser is spreading like fire. Read this guide to find out how to get the most out of it’s great features.

Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser Purpose of This Guide

I’ve recently come to the realization that even though 90% of people come into Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser 100% unaware of some the most impressive features that are available, this trend does not have to continue forever. As a response to this realization I’ve decided to publish a small how to, that will run through a number of action that I consider interesting and important to do while setting upMozilla Firefox 2013 online browser, as well as covering a number of features that are often left out but can be incredible.

What is Mozilla irefox 2013 online browser

Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser is a free, open-source web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (and many other platforms) based on the Mozilla code base it is small, fast and easy to use. Mozilla Firefox 2013 online browser offers many advantages over Internet Explorer, such as tabbed windows, quick links, security and the ability to block ads.

Firefox 2013 online browser Why Firefox 2013

  1. Feature Rich: Firefox 2013 online browser offers a spread of features in a relatively small package, this coupled with it’s extensibility (it’s nature as a platform from which many extensions can be added) makes it a strong competitor on the browser market.
  2. Security: Firefox 2013 online browser is generally more secure than other browsers on the market it was built on a philosophy of security. The Firefox 2013 online browser development team has a terrific track record for fixing vulnerabilities often releasing patches with in days of the release of the vulnerability. For windows users it offers a browser that isn’t built into the operating system (an enormous security risk) like Internet Explorer.
  3. Open Source: Firefox 2013 online browser is an Open Source application, which means that the code to Firefox 2013 online browser is open to the public and Firefox 2013 online browser is free, both in terms of free as in speech and free as in free beer. Anyone who wants to can look at Firefox 2013 online browser and make corrections to the code, or post patches subject to a strict review process. Mozilla is a non-profit organization whose work on the Firefox 2013 browser and Mozilla Suite is returned to the public in the way of the source code and binaries. Being an open source project means that if you want to, you can involve yourself in the Firefox 2013 online browser community by editing the source code, fix bugs, make themes or make extensions, all it take is a little time and effort.

Firefox 2013 online browser Installation

The install process with Firefox 2013 online browser is very easy regardless of what operating system you run and I’ve never run into any issues during installation.The process of installation however, really depends on what Operating system you use, Linux, windows, OS X, BSD, etc. I will try and compile a list of helpful installation resources in the future. For now I’ll provide windows users with the following links.

After installing and you’ve run Firefox 2013 online browser for the first time. You now have a full fledged browser with near limitless power and yet all that power is trapped in kind of remote places because if it was all in the open and easy to find most everyone (myself included) would get lost, confused and might scrap this apparently messy piece of junk. So, where do you begin?

Firefox 2013 online browser Extensions and Plugins

What is an Extension?

An extension is a small application that uses the base Firefox 2013 code to run Examples range from tweaks to the Firefox 2013 user interface like ForcastFox (an extension that puts the weather forecast in the status bar), to RSS readers, and IRC chat clients, to games like Tetris. It is the extension that gives Firefox 2013 online browser a lot of it’s flexibility as a browser. Even though the defaults might be perfect for me, my neighbor might want different tab behavior or might want Firefox 2013 to work as an FTP client, In which case we’re in luck, cause my neighbors needs are satisfied in extensions.

2. b – Firefox 2013 online browser Installing Extensions

Firefox 2013 online browser Installing an extension follows a very similar path to installing themes. In order to better demonstrate I’ll run you through installing the Adblock extension.

    1. Head to and chose the extensions tab from the top, or:
      1. From the menu select tools
      2. Extensions
      3. In the extensions window click get more extensions
      4. Click the selected area to get more Extensions–
    2. Choose All Extensions from the right hand side bar.
    3. Click on the Adblock title.
    4. You’ll see down in the bottom right is a link install once you click this link a new window will pop up and tell you thatFirefox 2013 online browser is trying to install an extension.

mozillafirefox2013 InstallUMO Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
–Click Install now to begin installing the Extension. Pay attention to user comments –

    1. wait 2 or 3 seconds, then you can select install now and the installation will proceed.

mozillafirefox2013 InstallUMO3 Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
–Click Install Now to finalize the installation –
On some websites this process is disturbed in order to protect you from installing malicious code from sites on accident, or from people misusing extensions to install spyware..
as an example I’ll point you towards the chrome edit extensions web page on mozdev. While ChromEdit is available on, this will help illustrate how to install extensions on non-whitelisted sites.
mozillafirefox2013 AllowInstall1 Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
–clicked the selected area to install Chrom-edit –
when you select the install link on this page, you will notice that a bar appears at the top next to your toolbars. It’s telling you that a site that isn’t on the white list (A list of known sites that are safe to install from), and gives you the option to circumvent this by adding the site to your whitelist.
mozillafirefox2013 AllowInstall2 Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
– click the Edit Options button to open up the whitelist –
This will open up a small dialog box asking you if you would like to add this site to the whitelist, in this case, since this is mozdev, and anextension we know, we’ll trust them, and add them to the whitelist. To do this, click the Allow button in the bottom right.
mozillafirefox2013 AllowedSites Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
– click the Allow button to add mozdev to your whitelist –
Once you’ve added mozdev to your whitelist click the install link again, and you will be greeted by the extension installer as described above.
Always be sure that you trust the site that is asking you to install extensions. I’ve been to several sites that give instructions on adding the site to the whitelist, only to circumvent Firefox 2013′s anti spyware measures.

2. c – Other Recommended Extensions

Note: it is also recommended that you NOT install Tabbed Browsing Extension, this is a very very buggy extension as discussed on the Extensions there are many more, but this will give you a basis with which to understand why you might want extensions. You can experiment and find ones that you like.

2. d – Firefox 2013 online browser What is a Plugin?

A plugin is program that interacts with Firefox 2013 online browser in order to provide certain specific function. Typical examples are plugins to display/play multimedia formats such as, Quicktime plugin, or Java plugin. A list of Firefox 2013 online browser compatible plugins can be found at the following link here.

3. Firefox 2013 online browser Appearances

Firefox 2013 online browser an important first step to enjoying any software is making it look pretty. So, the first thing I do is customize my tool bars, these are the bars at the top of the browser window that contain buttons, and URL bars, search bars and the like.

3. a – Toolbar Customization

when you first start out your toolbars probably look something like this
mozillafirefox2013 ToolbarStart Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
–Toolbar in the beginning –
For most people Firefox 2013 online browser‘s default toolbar configuration will be just fine, many of us however prefer a smaller sleeker appearance, and have some weird ideas as to where buttons should go. Lucky for us, Firefox 2013 makes this easy:
Right click on an empty area, and select Customize. (This will open up the customization window). This window will generally contain several icons that aren’t on your toolbars, if you desire you can drag these icons onto any toolbar to have them displayed. Likewise it is possible to drag any icon on the toolbars to another position or off the toolbar into the customization window. Also available in the customization Window is a check-box for large (default) or small icons.
When I first set up Firefox 2013 online browser I move all of my navigation icons to the top toolbar and move to small icon mode (as a note it is actually faster to use large buttons, but something about the saving of screen real estate, and the appearance of the small Icons I enjoy).
when I’m done my tool bars look like this
mozillafirefox2013 ToolbarFinish Mozilla Firefox 2013 Download English online browser
– finished toolbar config –