Microsoft Word 2013 free download

microsoft word 2013 free download

Microsoft Word 2013 free download. Microsoft Word is a content editing software, you can prepare writings by uploading it to your office PC. You can change the font style, color, size of the content you are writing. You can add a picture between the text you write in the software. You will also need a Microsoft Word software to open DOC files on another PC.

In Microsoft Word 2013, font options have been developed, new fonts have been added, and the overall interface of the software has been made useful. This software is compatible with other old versions. I would like to give information about the use of Microsoft Word.

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Installation :

After downloading the Word’s exe file, double-click it. A screen asking you to enter your Microsoft Word 2013 license number will be opened. If you have a license number, type it into this box and press “Next”. If you do not have a license, click on the “Trial Version” button to start the Microsoft Word 30 days trial. On the next screen click the “Next” button in the screen that opens. In this screen, you will specify in which folder the software will be installed. Press the “Next” button to wait for the software to complete the installation. Finally, when you click the “Finish” button, Microsoft Word 2013 is installed on the PC.

Usage information :

If you click on the “Login” tab in the top menu of the Word, you will see buttons related to font measures and features. In addition several options have been added for paragraph editing. Click on the “Add” button on the side right. You will see a variety of options in Microsoft Word, such as typing in tables, adding images, adding links, and so on. If you want to change the width or height of a Microsoft Office Word page, you need to check the advanced options by pressing the “Page setup” button on the right hand side. You can set a page layout for your typed text while using Microsoft Word. To do this, you can select any new layout by clicking on the “page layout” link in the page layout tab.

Download : Microsoft Word 2013 free download

I want to state that the software is a trial version. You will need to pay a license fee to download the full version. The price of Microsoft Office Word 2013 is an estimated $ 100.

You can also find different download links from these websites:

Features :

Developing quality office software for its users, Microsoft is making it easier to write and word-check for all computers with version 2013. Let’s look at the features of the new office software:

  1. It can be installed on all Windows operating systems.
  2. Page varieties have been increased.
  3. You can write articles compliant with imprint rules for 123 different languages thanks to the text check.
  4. The edges of the page are designed in accordance with the World paper standards. When you print on an A3 paper, the article does not go beyond the paper size.
  5. New additions have been added. (Pictures, Connections, Fonts etc.)
  6. Send and receive email.
  7. Works in accordance with ABBYY FineReader 11 program and controls the text within the page after converting the image to text.

9 Comments on “Microsoft Word 2013 free download”

  1. I think the 2013 version of Microsoft Word is better than others. I am a Microsoft Word 2013 user for nearly 3 years. I started using this 2013 version after the Microsoft Word 2007 software I had used before. I haven’t used the new version 2017 yet, but i do not think there is a difference between the two. Microsoft Word 2013 has the same features as 2017. As long as Microsoft Office does not really develop new office software, I will continue to use Microsoft Word 2013.

  2. I have a computer with Windows 8 operating system installed, I have installed Microsoft Word 2013 on this computer. I want to upgrade this software to Microsoft Word 2016 version. But when I press the “Upgrade” button to upgrade, only the option for Microsoft Word 2017 is turned on. I cannot choose “2016” by changing this option. How do I upgrade to 2013 Microsoft Word on a computer with Windows 8 installed? Please reply with information about the subject.

  3. I want to download an office program designed for students. Microsoft has developed software for home and office in the Word 2013 release, and i heard that you gave the students a more affordable license key. If the price of Word 2013 is cheap, I want to buy it by making a payment.

  4. I am a Microsoft Office 365 user. I’m using version 2017. after I saved a document in the new version, I could not open that file in the old version Word software on another computer. Could it be that the file is not compatible with the old version? or am I not able to do that? I have one more question. I’m making a slide presentation file on Powerpoint. I made the cover part of the slide file in Word. Can I send this cover page directly into Powerpoint? Thank you.

    1. Files saved in Word will run in all versions. it probably did not complete while you were saving the file you were trying to save. it may not turn on if it is recorded in corrupted format. I can say that for the question with the slide. Save the cover page prepared with Word. then try opening it with Powerpoint. It has to be opened absolutely. If there is a problem with him. If so, reinstall the Microsoft software or check for a virus on the computer.

  5. My computer had Windows 7 operating system, I formatted the computer for viruses infected. Now I have installed Windows 10 on my computer. But, after installing Windows 10, I cannot use Word software. Does the 2013 version of Word create a setup issue on Windows 10? Or did I make the wrong setup? What is the reason why an office software I used before does not work after a new installation? I would like help from friends who have information.

  6. Would you like to purchase a license key to make the full version of Office software? you can use the Word 2013 software as a full version, paying only $ 99 a year. If you want to buy a license for indefinite use, you only need to pay $ 149.

  7. What is the difference between Microsoft Office Word 2013 and 2016?

    I want to give you information about the three most important differences between the two software.

    1) In Word 2016, people in different offices have the ability to work together on the same file through online connection over the internet. Moreover, although the devices used are different, this is possible. For example, David can make changes to a Word file on Mark’s computer via a mobile phone.

    Word 2013 software users can not take advantage of this online file editing feature. This new feature is only available in 2016 and later versions.

    2) With Word 2016, files can be edited from mobile phones, But in Word 2013 this is not possible.

    3) In Word 2016, you can search for words online without removing the document from the screen. To do this, the “side notes” window is added to the screen. Its 2013 version does not have this feature.

    1. I have been using the Microsoft Office 2013 for a long time. Word has the same features in 2017 as it had in 2013. I did not see any changes in the software. The old version is sold for $ 150 and the new version is $ 300. I do not use the same software with so much money. I keep using the old version. If a new version of the software comes out, you should not buy it unless there is a significant change. I think they are money trap.

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