Malware Hunter anti-malware 2018

Malware Hunter anti-malware 2018

Malware Hunter anti-malware 2018 free download

Malware Hunter software is one of the most ideal software for maintenance of the operating system. An antivirus is a protection software that can delete all viruses, even if it is not as much as software. However, Malware Hunter 2018 does not delete all virus. If used with an antivirus software, the computer can not infect any viruses. For this we recommend Norton Antivirus software. It also has various features that improve the performance of the computer.

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Download : Malware Hunter anti-malware 2018 free download
Size : 28.3MB
Version : 2018

Setup :

Double-click the mhsetup.exe file you downloaded to your computer. When the Malware Hunter setup page is open, press the “Next” button. Click on the text box to accept the next window license agreement, then press the “I agree” button. You can press the “browse” button to select the next window’s target directory selection. But you don’t have to make any changes to this window. Press the “next” button. When you go to the installation window, you will see that three text boxes are selected. The top two of these text boxes can remain selected. Leave the textbox below empty. Metin kutusunda şu yazar : “Join the Glarysoft Experience Improvement Program”. Leave this text box blank, because additional software will be installed. Press the “Setup” button. After the installation is complete, press the “Finish” button and complete the installation.

Software introduction :

Malware Hunter eliminates threats by performing regular virus scanning. The software has four main menus. I can talk about them briefly.

Virüs scan

This menu offers a variety of scanning options to detect viruses on your computer. There are three virus scanning options in it.

Quick scan : It only scans your computer for important files. That is, it will scan the disk where the Windows operating system is installed.

Full scan : Scan all the disks in the computer.

Custom scan : Just select the file you want to scan the disk.


Malware Hunter does not just wipe out virus threats. It also makes some cleaning and adjustments that improve the computer’s performance. A lot of features have been added under the Acceleration menu.

Startup items : It allows us to stop unnecessary software running when the computer is first turned on.

Scheduled tasks : The computer runs slowly because some scheduled software is running. With this feature you can turn off unnecessary scheduled tasks.

Application services : It allows you to close applications that are run by Windows but that you have never used.

System services : You can turn off system services you are not using.


It provides cleaning of many system features like “Registry integrity”, “Obsolete software”, “Shared software”. It does the general maintenance of the operating system.


In the Settings section you can change the usage settings of the software.

License key :

Malware Hunter is installed as a demo version when it is first installed. The software will scan for viruses, but will ask you to save a license key to delete the viruses. The price of the license key is $ 39 per year. To get a license key, press the “Activate” button on the software. If you have a license key, write it here. However, if you do not have a license key, click the link below the “enable” button. If you complete the licensing process in this way, you can use the software as a full version.

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