How to perform a System Restore in Windows 7

How to perform a System Restore in Windows 7

How to perform a System Restore in Windows 7. Windows 7 users sometimes want to find solutions to their computer problems by using the system restore program. If your computer is infected with a virus, you will want to delete the viruses with a security software. However, sometimes virus software can not solve the problems.

In this case, the best thing to do is to solve the problem in your operating system using the system restore program. I want to make a recommendation before you do that. We recommend that you back up your computer once a month. Thinking that you did not back up your computer’s files, I would like to start by telling you what you need to do.

Press the “Start” button on your computer and press the “All programs” button in the pop-up window. Then press the “System Tools” folder between the options. Click on the “System Restore” icon in the program shortcuts in the drop down menu. When the window of the software is opened, press “Next” button. You will see the date options showing two restore points one at a time on the screen. Press the “Next” button after choosing the date on which the system will be restored. Press the “Finish” button on the last screen and wait for the system to be restored. This process can take about 5 minutes. Then the computer turns itself off. When the computer restarts, the system restore operation is completed. In this way you can restore the system in Windows 7 operating systems.

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