How to earn money by uploading videos ? 2017 Tips

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How to earn money by uploading videos ? 2017 Tips. I would like to write an explanatory article for those wondering how to make money by uploading videos. You upload a video, People searching for a video on the internet will click on the ads in the video after watching the video and in this case you will earn a click-through fee based on the payment price of the ad. Within one month, all the fees you get from the total number of clicks will be collected and paid to you after 21 days.

To earn money, those who have the potential to advertise in videos and publish videos about topics that will be interested in clicking on those ad extensions will earn more money. If someone who is involved in a car insurance business uploads videos about this subject to the Youtube website, 50% of the ads that will appear in the video will be related to car insurance. This means that users wondering about the video will also be curious about the ad of the audience and will increase the likelihood of clicking that ad.

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This will lead to actual ad clicks and a real success story that will get you good results.

If you want to earn money you should pay attention to the following:

Never publish copyrighted videos. For example, you took a video for a wedding party, and you play the song of Jennifer Lopez on that video. Because this video is a song by Jennifer Lopez in the audio part, Youtube knows this sound and prevents you from making money, and Youtube says your video has one copyrighted sound. In this case you will have to delete the video or you will need to cancel the monetization button. In either case, you can not make money. In addition, if such violations are repeated, your YouTube channel will also be terminated and your advertising rights will also be canceled. In this case it will be more accurate to publish unlicensed and own videos.

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