How to draw apples in Microsoft Word?

How to draw apples in Microsoft Word

How to draw apples in Microsoft Word? Although Word is an office software, graphics can be drawn on it. Photoshop is the ideal graphics software for making apple drawings. However, using Photoshop is not easy. To draw an apple using Photoshop, good software training is necessary. Since this is the case, you can search for program that you can simply use to draw apples. Word is a text editor. Any kind of text can be written on it, can be colored or prepared in page order.

How can you design an apple on Word?

Open the Word office software. Click the “Add” tab in the top menu. Click the Add shape between insertion options drop-down link. Click on one of the round shapes in the shapes, and draw on that Word page using the mouse. When the round shape is over, draw one by inverting the heart shape to the bottom of the shape. Keep the pointed part of the heart shape upwards. Hold the two-way mouse to combine both shapes and open the features by pressing the right mouse button. If you click the “group” button in the properties, you will combine both shapes. You will do the same on top, but this time the sharp part of the heart shape should be down. Finally, we will draw two leaf shape with one apple stalk.

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The leaf format already exists in all since the 2013 version of Microsoft Word. Draw the figure as it will come to the top of the apple. Then draw a straight rectangle to draw the apple stalk and carry it to the leaves. When all the graphics are over, hold all of them with the mouse. Open the “Format” tab from the top menu. If you click the “Merge” button in the menu options, you will see that all graphical drawings are merged. It looks like an apple now. But we must make her red. Hold the mouse over the graphical shape to change the apple’s color. Click the red colored box in the colors under the “Format” tab. Now the apple’s color will be red. So in Word you’ll be drawing apples. If you do not have a Word software, click here to download : Microsoft Word 2013 free download.

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