How to delete the Windows 10 icon and remove it from the start bar ?

How to delete the Windows 10 icon

How to delete the Windows 10 icon and remove it from the start bar ? After Windows 10 exited, a new icon appeared on the right side of the start bar on the computer. There are those who say, What is this? After Windows 7 updates, Windows 10 came out as an advertising icon that advertises itself. When Windows first opens, a transparent window pops up, and it almost provokes us to do the Windows 10 update. Switching to Windows 10 is not free. For this reason, users who want to pass “yes” to updates may have difficulty when they want to go back when they are asked for a fee after a trial version. now I want to tell you how to remove the Windows 10 icon from the desktop launch bar. Let’s start by giving the name of this little icon file. “GWX.exe” is the name of the file. To stop this file from running, first bring the mouse pointer over the start bar and click on the link “Start Task Manager” from the links in the window with the right mouse click.

Let’s get to the “Windows Task Manager” window. Open the “Actions” tab between the tabs on this page. Right click on the GWX.exe file with the mouse. click on the “end process” tab, which is the second option in the drop-down list. After you finish the process, you will see that the symbol on the taskbar has been deleted.

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How to remove it from the start bar ?

Now let me come to the question of how to delete this file. For Windows 10, let’s log in to the “Control Panel” where the newly installed update files are. To find the control panel, press the start button and you will see the “control panel” option on the right hand side of the buttons. After opening the control panel, click on the “Add or remove programs” icon here to access the window where we will remove the updates.

When we click on “View installed updates” on the left-hand side of the pop-up window, we can see the new updates and all. We can easily find the newly uploaded update file by clicking on the “Sort by time” tab to find the uploads there. The name of the file we need to find is “KB3035583”. By finding this file and clicking on the “remove” option with the right mouse button, we can remove it from our computer.

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