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How to configure antivirus settings for Norton 2018

How to configure antivirus settings for Norton 2018

by Ashley McKinnelJune 7, 2017

How to configure antivirus settings for Norton 2018 ?

I would like to tell you how to configure the settings section for Norton AntiVirus 2018 users. First open the Norton AntiVirus program and press the “Settings” button. You’ll see the 3-part section of the newly opened window. You can change the settings in this window, but check down below to make the best settings.

Automatic protection setting.

The best settings should be as follows:
Protection during boot: off

Real-time protection

Auto-Protect : on
Removable media scan : on
Sonar protection : on
Network driver protection : on
Sonar development mode : automatic
Automatically remove risks : only high sharpness
Remove risks from distance : only high sharpness
Show sonar block notifications : show all of them

Computer scans

Compressed file scan : on
Removing virus-infected viruses : ask me
Rootkit toolkit and hidden item scanning : on
Network drivers scan : on
Intuitive virus protection : automatic
Scan identification information for tracking purposes : remove

Email antivirus scan : on
Low risks : remove
Automatic LiveUpdate : on

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