How do I license Norton Antivirus ?

norton antivirus 2018

How do I license Norton Antivirus ? Norton is the best protection software for your computer. However, those who want to use the full version of it should definitely purchase a license key. The cost of the license key varies based on the release price. For example, the price of software is $ 60. You can use the software for 1 year when you pay $ 60 annual fee.

Where can I buy license key?

You can purchase the Norton antivirus license key through the original website, or You can purchase a license key by opening the software installed on your computer and clicking on the license key link in the Settings section.

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How can the license key be saved?

Paste the license key into the text box in the “licensing” section of the software, and then click the “Save” button. The license key will be successfully saved and the software will run as full version for 1 year.

How to renew the license key ?

To renew the license key, the software sends an alert every year to the end of the ending date. If you press the “update” button in the warning message, a web page opens to perform license renewal. You will see the price of the new license key in the web page. You buy a new license key using a credit card and you record it in the software. This is how the license update for Norton is done.

How to license activate Norton ?

How much are license fees?

Premium $59.99
Deluxe $49.99
Standard $39.99
Basic $19.99
Security $14.99
Premier $49.99

Introducing Core (A secure Wi-Fi router for your connected home) $249.99
Online Backup 25GB $49.99

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