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Google Chrome download 2018. Check out our page today to download the new Google Chrome 2018, which has been recently updated, for free. In 2018, Chrome experienced a few loss of users due to Microsoft’s new web browser, Microsoft Edge. To that end, Google is looking for a difference for the new web browser that will open in 2018. Although that program is the fastest internet browser of all time, computer users now expect more features. That’s why the search for ideas for Chrome, which will be released next year, has already begun.

The expected web browser finally came out on the market. The new Google Chrome 2018, developed with an integrated plug-in that will block unnecessary ads, will be highly appreciated by all users. The web page opening speed, which lasts 3-5 seconds, will now be turned on in 1-2 seconds thanks to this new browser. Be sure to try Google Chrome 2018.

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If you want to upgrade the old version of the Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer, download the installation file and double-click on it to install. You’ll be updating your old Chrome web browser with a new installation.

How to download original Chrome?

Search by typing “Google Chrome download 2018” on a search engine webpage. The website that always tops search results is Google’s original website. Click to enter the top web site. Press the blue “Download Google Chrome 2018” button in the website that opens. Click on the blue button “Accept and Install” on the page regarding the newly opened contract and license terms. Download an installation file called ChromeSetup.exe to your desktop. In addition, different download options are available.

Google Chrome 2018 Features

The most striking idea for Google Chrome 2018 was the idea of cutting out viruses such as worms and malware from the internet with this new web browser that wanted to spread to computers. In fact this idea would be made in Chrome 2017 but in addition to that they have planned to cut Microsoft Edge’s speed using another feature. This new feature is said to change the opening speed and ease of use of mobile phones and the addition of touch new tools. We trust Google very much. We expect to encounter a Chrome that will delight the next generation of internet users as it is in previous web browser software.

After 2018, there will be no more operating systems that do not use 64-bit support anymore. Because of this, Chrome now uses the Ram cache of the computer more efficiently with the 64 bit feature, and it will be opened instantly when you click on any page on a web page. The situation for mobile phones is no different. On Android-powered mobile phones, they are trying to develop a software to recognize the new interface of Chrome and get the best results when using the Ram memory of the phone.

Google Chrome 2018 Add-ons

Another news story came from the add-ons. This is creating new plugins for PC users. Graphics software makers to change the appearance of the classic view the browser, both background and menu tabs in a different way to create an innovative look aims to give.

Due to the law on the use of cookies in Europe, new warnings are anticipated for this new version. While this will disturb users in the first place, a solution will be provided that will not allow such warnings to continue for a certain period of time after this warning period has been approved.

Google Chrome Download Links

You will also have to wait for December of this year to download the new Google Chrome 2018 release. For now, you can try this if you want to download the latest version of internet browser.

Download : Google Chrome download 2018

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  1. I use the latest version of Google Chrome on my smart phone. Some websites do not open after making updates. That program, which I use on my Android smartphone, does not open websites with ads. What is the answer to this issue with the latest version of 2018 ?

    1. The program is the fastest internet browser of all time. The new version of that program shows websites with AMP system very fast. With 2018 ‘easy browsability’, ‘reminder passwords security’, ‘web site privacy protection’ features have been updated.

  2. Is there a different download link for 64-bit version? Or does this download file on the computer automatically select the 64-bit version?

  3. I use an Toshiba laptop. I’m having a problem with proxy script when I download the new program. I can not use a proxy script for Google Chrome. help me! Please.

  4. The ad blocking plugin will be added to the browser in 2018. Will this also prevent Adsense ads from being added to this? If the browser intercepts Adsense ads, then he can not make money himself.

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