google chrome download 2017

Google Chrome download 2017

Google Chrome download 2017 (free).

The new year’s web browser is Chrome. This software is the most popular web browser software used in the World. Whatever your PC’s default web browser you absolutely must install a Google Chrome web browser. Now let’s look at its properties.

Google Chrome new features.

The Google Chrome 2017 web browser in has come out with new innovations in search results. By providing an interface that instantly opens the results of the search query that you typed in the browser and changes the ordering according to the search result you have done in the past, the user has been able to find the correct result. With the ability to track what you search for, it shows you the result immediately when you type in a word in the search box.

Google Chrome has added a new feature for 2017 version. When you perform a search on the mobile device, the results of the instant search query appear on the screen. So Chrome shows you the search results as quickly as possible.

Google Chrome speed test.

Chrome is the software that opens the fastest web page according to all other web browsers. The fastest web browser after Chrome is Mozilla Firefox. In tests for Chrome 2017, it was able to open the website at 10/5 of a second through an internet connection with a speed of 3 Mbps. The closest end result to this speed was the browser, Firefox, which opened pages at a rate of 10/8 seconds. We did not add the new Microsoft Edge web browser to the speed test. We have only been overlooking this web browser, which can only be installed on Windows 10 now.

Google Chrome usage tips.

The bookmarks toolbar at the top of the software still does not appear by default. Click on the three dot icons at the top right of the software to open the toolbar, which is the area most people use. Click on the “Placemarks” on the drop-down menu and then “Show the bookmarks bar”. So now we can start adding websites that we like to this area.

As a further tip I’d like to briefly talk about using Chrome extensions. Would you like to change the classic look of your web browser and add one of the new “2017” themes? Now, if you have not used a theme before, I will tell you how to do it. Click the “Settings” tab of the browser. When the setting page opens, click on the “Get theme” button under the “View” tab, which is on the 3rd place. It will take you directly to the store web page where the new Chrome themes are located. You can add it free by clicking on the “Install” button.

Google Chrome download link.

You can download the free version of Google Chrome 2017 here now. When you click on the download link, Google’s official website will open. The advantage of downloading the download link from the official website is that it allows you to download Google Chrome version according to the device you are using, so I chose to share the original web page instead of the direct link.

Click here to download the software:

Google Chrome download 2017

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