Free download Powerpoint 2017 slideshow software

powerpoint 2017 slideshow software

Free download Powerpoint 2017. It is the easiest slideshow software for users. If you want to show a presentation to your work team at your workplace, you can do it easily with Powerpoint 2017. It is now easier to use, thanks to features that are not in older versions and are included in the new version.

What should you pay attention to in order to make a good presentation? The aim of this software is to prepare presentations for the business world and students. The quality of the presentation to be done for such an important business must be high. I want to give you some tips to make a good slide.

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First take nice photos for the slide. The more beautiful the picture you work on, the more beautiful a slide will emerge. Type the title of the slide using capital letters, and make your head a short text. Add a picture that summarizes what is put on the cover page of the slide show. Make sure that the slide show does not have a long video duration. At least 15 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes of film is good. I give you one last clue : The content should consist of short sentences.

Title : Microsoft Office 365 Powerpoint 2017
File size : 25 MB
Language : English
O.S. : Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 (32+64Bit)

Microsoft Powerpoint 2017 free download

Powerpoint 2017 Features

The most favorite feature of that you can download as part of your new Office program is its ease of use. It was very nice to add various presentation tools to the new version. There was no need to use other graphics software to create a slideshow anymore. Because we can add different designs into the file thanks to its graphical inserting feature.

Powerpoint runs on all computers running Windows and can be installed. Mac users can visit Microsoft’s official website to take advantage of this. This is a 30-day trial version and a license key must be purchased for full use. You need to click on the “for Mac” option on the Microsoft web page that will be opened when you click on the download link to do this. There is also a version that can be installed on 64 bit computers if you wish.

Instead of paying this money alone for the Powerpoint slideshow software, which has a retail price of $ 100, you can take advantage of it by giving $ 180 for all of the packages included in the 365 version of Microsoft Office.

This is the best program to prepare a presentation. Download the installable installation file to Windows operating systems and start using it immediately.

What are the new features added to Powerpoint 2017?

Microsoft has made several changes to its presentation-building program, which it released in 2017. The first is the interface of the multiplier change program. Previously there was a space for preparing a complex presentation, but in this version this problem is solved and a more practical presentation window is designed. The pictures to be added to the presentation were placed on the left side of the lower alta so that the sorting was better known. This will automatically change the location of the presentation when the images are moved. Apart from that, the effects were added to the properties. You can work on the new Powerpoint by putting images or objects on top of it like in Photoshop software. The advantage of this is that you can create a better presentation without a graphics program. You will also have the option to use Powerpoint more effectively, as images are also added to the options, such as shadow effects. Previously known as a mediocre presentation program, but very user-friendly, Powerpoint has now turned into a graphic design program, and popularity on this one has put it on top of it.

Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2017 Prices

The $ 110 charge for the 2016 version of the software has been increased by 2017. If you are only purchasing Powerpoint 2017 for a computer, you must pay $ 149. Let’s take a look at the prices here:

1PC : $110
2PC : $220
3PC : $330
4PC : $440
5PC : $550
6PC : $660
7PC : $770
8PC : $880
9PC : $990
10PC : $1100

Powerpoint 2017 Free Download Links

This is the most successful software you are looking for to make a slide. Download this new version and thank Microsoft.

Powerpoint 2017 Free download on the Softonic

Powerpoint 2017 download on the Microsoft

4 Comments on “Free download Powerpoint 2017 slideshow software”

  1. I am using the older version of 2013. Can I install the new version of 2017 in Microsoft Office 365 alone? I have one more question… Would you please tell me how I can register my 2017 license key.

    1. If you have installed a demo version on your computer, a window will pop up reminding you to register a license key when opening the PowerPoint 2017. You can save the license key in the required text box in that window.

  2. I used this program for two years. You can draw very good picture graphics in the program. I sat in the chair in front of the computer to prepare a slide file. First, I made a file of pictures. I made a presentation by changing 12 pictures every 2 seconds. As a result, I made a slide show of my own pictures. It’s a little hard to use the program. You should learn to use the program to create a presentation in the image you want.

  3. For users who want to download Powerpoint 2017, I want to share very important new tip information. After the first release in 2001, many features of Powerpoint have been renewed. After downloading each new release, we were looking forward to downloading the next version. The 2017 version is a version that we look forward to downloading since the first release. In this comment, I will write how to download the Powerpoint 2017 version of Microsoft Office software. first type “Microsoft Powerpoint 2017 free download” in a search engine and open only Microsoft’s website. Websites like Softonic, Downloadastro may appear in the top in the search engine, so check to see if the link is “” in the URL section to understand that the link is from Microsoft’s website. Once you’ve opened Microsoft’s website, check the page heading to make sure that the page you’re downloading the 2017 version of is open. If you open a page where you can download the 2017 version, you will definitely see a download link on it, click on it and see that you are on the pay-to-download page to download your computer. You should know that your download link will come to your email account by writing your credit card information on the payment page. Open your e-mail account and click on the download link, then the download starts and completes quickly. The e-mail account must have a license key along with a download link. The license key will be used when installing the program. This version of PowerPoint 2017 can be installed and used. If you have any other problems, you can ask me, I will definitely help you.

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