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mozilla firefox 2018

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018. Mozilla released a much better web browser version for the year 2018. This new version of MOZILLA FIREFOX 2018 became the most successful internet browser. Internet users in countries such as England, Australia, Canada, especially in the United States, select Mozilla Firefox to view web pages. The difference between the new browser and previous versions is the ability to display pages twice as fast.

A system that automatically compresses files when opening a web page and opens pages much faster through it is integrated. Firefox users can browse Mozilla’s website to download this new version. Or, You can read the article on our page to get more specific information about the new Firefox.

About :

Version : 2018 (57)
Language : English
Developer : Mozilla
Category : Web Browser
O.S. : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 + MAC + Linux
File size : 304 KB
License : Free

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018

What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 2018

Mozilla has changed its version 12 times a year and has released a new Firefox 2018 installation file. Firefox for 2018, starting from the 57th version to 64 various versions are expected to emerge.

The first release version features in January include:

Added 2x fast browser feature.

When you open the Internet pages via Firefox, an acceleration is achieved using less memory than in older versions. Since Firefox uses twice as less memory as other web browsers, it does not cause open programs to run slowly. The new Firefox 2018 no longer uses 30% of the 250 MB of RAM that it previously used. Although the test results on Windows 10 show that there are 3 open windows and 12 open tabs, it is seen that there is only 140 MB of memory consumption. In previous versions, this usage amounted to 250 MB.

Quick tabbing feature added.

In the previous version, there was a certain period of loss when switching between the tabs. In this new version, the transition time between tabs is reduced to 0.2 milliseconds. If a new tab is opened when one of the links on a website is clicked, this takes a total of 0.2 milliseconds. Thus, the problem that the browser is unavailable for a few seconds when the new tab is opened has been removed.

Web browser games are played without slowing down.

If you want to play games over Firefox 2018, we guarantee that you can play without slowing down. Since the ping time sent through the browser is 84% faster than before, problems caused by LAG and PING times are now completely gone. Thus, you will not experience any interruption while playing online games through your web browser.

Download Firefox 2018 to see annoying, ad-free web pages without ads.

There is a plethora of ads on internet pages. Some websites have pages with more ads than content. In this case, you need to look for where your content is in order to get the information you want. This is very annoying. Would you like to see web pages without annoying ads? In Mozilla Firefox 2018, you can navigate through the pages with ads faster using “Hidden navigation” mode. What’s more, this feature completely disqualifies websites that target you to show ads by receiving your information.

Your passwords will not be deleted when you delete history in Firefox 2018.

Firefox users are more fortunate than other browser users. Because some cookie removal programs delete all cookies in the browser, they also delete their passwords. However, Firefox 2018 does not allow this and protects password information. So you do not have to write password every time. You can forget your password, but Firefox will not forget it.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 download Links

The web browser installation file for each operating system is different. When you download an installation file for Mozilla Firefox 2018, you should make a choice based on the operating system you are using. Use the download links below to get the most out of you, and start using Mozilla Firefox 2018.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Windows

This is installed on computers that have Windows operating system. Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, 10 can be installed in all versions. It can be used in both 32 bit and 36 bit operating systems.

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 (64 Bit)

After Windows 10 users click on the installation file, they must accept the computer administrator’s permission. Otherwise, the problem may occur while installing Firefox on Windows 10. Other Windows versions do not have this problem.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for MAC

We recommend that you delete the old one before installing Firefox on a Macintosh computer. If you do this, you will not encounter a post-install conflict issue.

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 for MAC

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Linux

After installing Firefox on the Linux operating system, browse to Privacy mode, and if it is running properly you will have correctly installed version 2018. If it does not work, remove the old version of Firefox and reinstall the 2018 version.

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Linux

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Linux (64 Bit)

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Android

If you want to use a browser faster than Chrome on Android phones, be sure to try Firefox 2018.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for Android on the Google Play Store

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for IOS

Browse web pages faster than the default web browser by installing Firefox on iPhone smartphones with Apple infrastructure.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 for IOS on the Apple App Store

If you are not satisfied with Firefox 2018, you can click here to download the previous version (Mozilla Firefox 2017 free download).

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