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FileZilla 2013FileZilla 2013

Free FTP Program 2013 to download or use to move files to the web servers and FTP is a free program that enables file transfer between computers. Developed as open source, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client, such as FileZilla 2013 English language option, FTP, FTPS and SFTP support for secure file transfer and allows you to make transactions.

FileZilla 2013 Video Tutorial and installation

FileZilla 2013, consisting of FileZilla 2013 Client and FileZilla 2013 Server, a free, open source and cross-platform FTP software. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems work. FTP, FTPS and SFTP support is available. As of February 15, 2011 FileZilla 2013 Client at seventh most downloaded software of all time. Go Daddy, Ankara University, and many other areas of the institution hosting FileZilla 2013 proposes to transfer files.

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FileZilla 2013 New Version Key Features

A program that has a simple interface, easy to use.
FTP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP support.
Cross-platform compatible working for the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X-like.
Support for multiple languages, including Engslih.
Re-resume feature for large files, up to 4GB.
A strong follow-up of the site management system and transfer.
Drag and drop support.
Adjustable speed limits and program options.

FileZilla 2013 Operating Systems Supported

FileZilla 2013 Windows 8, FileZilla 2013 Windows® 7, FileZilla 2013 Windows® XP, FileZilla 2013 Linux, FileZilla 2013 Mac, FileZilla 2013 Kernel

FileZilla 2013 Language Support

FileZilla 2013 English, FileZilla 2013 Deutsch, FileZilla 2013 Italian, FileZilla 2013 Turkish, FileZilla 2013 French

FileZilla 2013 Download Free Full Latest Version English