Easy medical dictionary software free download

medical dictionary software

Easy medical dictionary software free download. This is a dictionary program developed for those who want to learn about medical terms. It is completely free to use. The medical dictionary software works with an internet connection. The program will open, but the dictionary will not work. The use of the program is very easy. Type the word in one term in the search box at the top while the interface of the program is open and press the “search” button. That will show you the texts and links that contain information about the terms you find. You can read articles, or if you click on one of the links there, you will see a detailed description on a newly opened web browser window. Above the program there are sharing buttons for social sharing websites, if you use these buttons you can make a share on your Facebook page.

If you are wondering what terms are, this program will do the job for you. Moreover, the use of the program is free.

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Easy medical dictionary features

Version : 2017
Developer : www.free-medical-dictionary.com
Category : Business
Operating system : All Windows operating systems
File size : 691 KB
File name : FMDv11.exe
License : Free
Limitations : Not available.

Medical dictionary software install

Download the installation file of the program. Double-click the downloaded FMDv11.exe file. The installation interface of the software opens. On the first screen, “Welcome to the setup wizard” page of the medical dictionary will open, click “Next” button. Select “I accept the agreement” box to accept the license agreement of the next windowed software and press “Next” button. The screen showing the location where the installation files of the program will be saved on the computer will be opened in the next window, press “Next” button here, and press the “Next” button again in the next window.

installing the medical dictionary software

The next window will open showing a desktop shortcut icon for the software, select the “create a desktop icon” box here, and press the “Next” button. You will see the installation screen of the next window¬† software, click “Install” button to here and start installing. The upload is completed in approximately 2 seconds. Finally, press the “Finish” button and end the computer dictionary installation of the software.

Easy medical dictionary software free download Link

Valuable medical companies who want to use medical dictionary software can download this software to the computer by clicking the link below.

Easy medical dictionary software free download

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