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Total Commander

Download Total Commander 2018File editing FTP software. If you need a FTP file editing software I would recommend the 2018 version of Total Commander. Because it’s the best FTP file editing software. Total Commander 2018 makes it easy to change the name of the files.

Displays hidden files and allows you to change the name of confidential files. Total Commander contains many alternate icon files for changing the icon of a file. It also allows you to adjust the size of the icons. The font size of the files can be changed. It makes it easy to find files of the same type. It allows to transfer files by establishing FTP connection. Allows you to give permission to write files. Total Commander 2018 allows you to edit files by connecting to FTP server. Allows copying of files on the remote server. Allows you to perform operations to move a parent folder after you have copied the file. In this case you will gain full editing rights to folders.

Features :

Software : Total Commander
File name : tcmd912x64.exe
Date : 2018
Version : 9.12
Category : FTP Software
O.S. : All Windows
File size : 4.83 MB
License : Free

Total Commander 2018 download
Total Commander 2018 64 bit download
Total Commander 2018 64 bit + 32 bit combined download

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