Download online office plugin for Google Chrome

online office

Download online office plugin for Google Chrome. A handy Office add-in for the Chrome has been developed. By installing this add-on on the web browser, you have an add-on that opens Microsoft Office files online on the web. Some websites show a Word file in search results while surfing the internet.

When you click on the search result, you download a Word file to the desktop of your computer. Whereas , you can view the word files on the web without downloading them to the computer. You can read these file types online in the browser if you load this plugin on a computer.

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Title : online office plugin
Date : 2017
Version : 1.5.3
Developer : Microsoft Corporation
Category : Web browser add-on
O.S. : All Windows
File size : 792KiB
License : Free

Online office plugin download link

Click the Download button to download the plugin, and then click the download link on the page when the Google Chrome plugin download window opens. The installation process takes about 12 seconds and you can start using the Office plug-in for free.

Download online office plugin

The Online Office plugin can be used with the following programs

Users who want to use the online Office software can do so without having to install Microsoft software on the computer. However, the online office add-in can be used by being integrated with the following Microsoft software.

Microsoft Word 2013 free download
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint 2017
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Sway Online

Get the latest Chrome download

View to the last added article page to download a new version if the browser you want to install this plugin is old. If you do not have a Google Chrome 2018 web browser, just click here and download the latest version.

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