Download Google Drive Cloud Software 2018

Download Google Drive Cloud Software 2018

Download Google Drive Cloud Software 2018. Download the new version of Google Drive cloud software that you can use in 2018 here. Because the new version has been added to all devices fast operation feature. Using the cloud software, you can access your stored data wherever you go in the world.

The Google drivers that do this are keeping your files on their own servers. In this way, you can access your own files through any device, from mobile phone or computer you can connect to internet. This is a very viable option for protecting the data of some business people. The only option is not for businessmen. For example, young people like to take photos on their mobile phones and they take thousands of photos every month. The memory of your mobile phone may not be enough to record these photos. In this case, you can sign up for cloud software and upload photos here.

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Date : 2018
O.S. : All Windows
License : Free

Download Google Drive Cloud Software 2018

Cloud backup

Log in to your website with your account by opening a web browser. A cloud software will be opened on the web browser. You can backup all your data here if you like. Upload all of the files to your Google drive to get a cloud backup. This is is owned by Google drivers. However, the files in it belong to you. The cloud software has a left-side menu. Click on the “My Drive” button at the top of your menu. You will see your files in the opened page. You have the right to edit or delete these files. If you want, you can upload a file from your computer to the cloud software. This will give you the opportunity to save your file for a lifetime. So… if you need more capacity, you can purchase a new file storage area for a fee. You can send a file from the Google drive to your friend’s email address. Or, you can share files on social networking sites like facebook. Added a photos button that gathers all the pictures under one folder so that you will not be confused.

Upgrade :

You can see a warning message on the bottom of the page that shows how many gigabytes of space all the files have occupied. If you want to upgrade Google Drive cloud software, press the “Upgrade storage” button at the bottom of the menu. Click on one of the buttons where you can pay $ 1.5 per month for 100 GB of space, or $ 7.5 per month for 1 TB of space. If you need more space than this, you can click one of the options on the side. You must save a credit card information to make a payment. Then you can increase the capacity of your cloud software by paying on your credit card.

If you experience a problem, you can get information by calling the cloud computing services.

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