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Download Best 5 Android Apps Player for Windows. You can browse this list if you need to play a copy of the applications of Android mobile phones on Windows. These Android Apps players can be installed on any computer with Windows operating system installed. If you want to play Android games on your computer, you must install one of these software on your computer. I listed the top 5 Android emulator software on this list.

If you want to play all the games you can play on Android mobile phones on a bigger screen computer here are the software you need.

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Best 5 Android Apps Player

1) AmiduOS

License : Free Trial

AmiduOS is a newly developed application player software that allows you to play Android games on the big screen. To install this software on your computer, your computer should have a good graphics card. AmiduOS Android app player allows you to download a 10 day trial version. When the trial period of AmiduOS is over, you can buy this software for just 20 bucks. To make the full version of AmiduOS software press the “DuOS” button in the upper left corner and make a full version by paying. You can use the keys on the computer keyboard instead of the joystick keys that appear on the AmiduOS application player screen. AmiduOS offers two versions to its users: Lollipop and Jellybean. I did not see much difference between them but their prices are different. AmiduOS is a great software for those who want to play Android games on a computer.


Download : Download AmiduOS + AmiduOS 64 Bit download

File name : DuOSInstaller.exe
File size : 2.86 MB

File name : DuOSInstaller-jb-lite.exe
File size : 2.83 MB

The Best Free Android Emulator For PC All Time

2) BlueStacks

License : Free and $2 per month


Bluestacks is the most preferred Android app player software. Bluestacks software is installed on all other computers except Linux. Users who do not know how to use an emulator can learn more easily if they load Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the best running Android App Player. Bluestacks allows you to play more than one game at the same time by opening an extra window in the latest version. There is a web page where you can download the APK file of applications to download the computer in Bluestacks website. The worst part of the Bluestacks website is that there is no game search box on the website. There is no search box where you can search for the game you want to download. You can see games only by looking at the list under the categories.

Download : BlueStacks download

File name : BlueStacks-Installer_BS3_native.exe
File size : 248 MB

How to install Bluestacks on Windows 10 ?

3) Andy

License : Free


Andy wants to install the Yandex web browser software while the Android application player is loaded on the computer. You can cancel the installation of this web browser by clicking Advanced settings. Andy is the fastest Android player software. You can use mobile applications like Facebook and WhatsApp on your computer with Andy. Andy also has a service where you can download APK files for Android apps to download them on the website. You can access Andy’s application download page by clicking here. Andy is very advantageous because it is a free Android emulator. If you are unable to install Andy, you should check your computer for a graphics card that is used for games.

Download : Andy download

File name : Andy_46.16_66.exe
File size : 1.53 MB

How To Install Andy Android Emulator On Windows 7/8/10

4) Droid4X

License : Free


Some versions of Droid4X have good performance on some good. The Droid4X 2017 version has managed to become a very successful Android gaming player. The most important feature of the Droid4X software is its ease of use. But you can not play all kinds of games. Advanced 3D games do not accept this emulator. However, if you bring a low-resolution graphic to a game that requires high resolution, then you can play all of the games. You can download the new version of the Droid4X Android game player software and use it on any computer. However, older versions of the Droid4X software are more convenient for use on low-power computers.

Download : Droid4X download

File name : droid4x-0-9-0.exe
File size : 8.3 MB

Install Droid4X Android Emulator on Windows PC 2017

5) ARChon

License : Free


ARChon cannot be installed on the computer as an Android Player software. ARChon is installed as an additional application on Google Chrome web browser. So … You can play mobile games on the Chrome web browser. ARChon is an emulator that is difficult to install. Sometimes it is also a problem when it want to upload an APK file. However, ARChon is the best Android app player list, because it is a feature-rich software that offers a lot of options compared to other emulator software. When you start using ARChon you will see that it is a very different and good Android app player than the others.

Download : ARChon download

File name :
File size : 95.3 MB

File name :
File size : 95.4 MB

File name :
File size : 87.5 MB

How to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

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