CCleaner Download (Free O.S. Cleaner Software)


CCleaner Download (Free O.S. Cleaner Software). CCleaner is the most commonly used operating system cleaning and maintenance software all over the world. In this article I give free download link and I will write about that software in detail. It is a system cleaning software that must be installed on every operating system.

The CCleaner download files are available for Windows operating systems, Android operating systems, iOS operating systems, or the MAC operating system. If you want to download CCleaner to this device, click on its download link and start to clean your device.

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Date : 2018
Version : V5.37.6309
Developer : Piriform
Category : O.S. Cleaner Software
O.S. : All Windows
File size : 10.3 MB
License : Free

Download : CCleaner download

Download Links :

  • CCleaner for Windows
    (For computers with a Windows operating system, you need to click this link..)
  • CCleaner for MAC
    (For computers with a MAC operating system, you need to click this link.)
  • CCleaner for Android
    (Samsung, Asus, Lonovo, Generel Mobile, Huawei, Reeder, Sony etc… You need to press the “setup” button to install it on mobile phones with Android system.)
  • CCleaner for iOS
    (Install on Apple iPhone, iPad mobile phones. You need to press the “setup” button to install it on mobile phones with IOS system.)

PRO version :

Download : CCleaner PRO trial version

The PRO software above is a trial version that can be purchased for a fee. License fee is used as a full version when you pay.

How to you install?

First download the appropriate software from the links above. Computers using the Windows operating system can do the following:

Double-click the downloaded ccsetup532.exe file. Press the setup button. After about 5 seconds the installation is complete. Press the “Run” button. When installation is complete, press “Run” button and open it. To install on smartphones that are an Android operating system, you need to press the “install” button on the Google Play Store. It is installed in iOS operating system as above.

Why should we use it?

It is a software that allows you to remove unnecessary files from your computer. It is used to delete unnecessary files in the operating system when you detect a slow run problem on computers or smart phones. CCleaner prevents unnecessary files from running well on the operating system, So when you use CCleaner you will see a performance increase and acceleration on the computer. You should use CCleaner for faster computer operation or faster operation of your mobile phone.

  1. Clears unused Regedit files in the computer.
  2. Deletes cookies that have been discarded by past web sites stored on the Internet browser.
  3. Clears the browsing history of Internet browsers.
  4. Clears the last URL paths in the web browser.
  5. Increases the startup speed of the computer by clearing the Index.dat file.
  6. Cleans downloaded files from the web browser.
  7. Cleans up the information on the last visited folders on the computer.
  8. Deletes the computer’s cache files and Temp files.
  9. Removes softwares that were originally opened from your computer and allows the computer to boot up faster.
  10. It finds and removes virus plugins loaded in the web browser.
  11. Performs Hard Disk analysis.
  12. It will find files with the same name.
  13. Repair the operating system.
  14. CCleaner creates free space on hard disk, and will defragment the disk.

How to use ?

It is the easiest to use system cleaning software. When you first open the software, the computer is scanned if you press the blue “Analyze” button. When the scan is finished, press the “Run Cleaner” button and clean and repair the operating system. CCleaner does not require much more information for its use.

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