BulletProof FTP Server software free download

BulletProof FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server software free download. You can use this software if you want to upload files to other servers by setting up an FTP connection. This is installed as a trial version. After using all the features for 15 days, you can continue to use the software by paying a fee. You have to pay 245 dollars a year to buy the it. If you like the software, this fee is very reasonable.

BulletProof performs file transfer like other FTP software. Since this has RFC-959 feature, if the connection is disconnected while transferring the file, the connection is resumed when it is active. So when you open the software and send all the files to the server, it completes the process without any hitches.

This shows the files on both servers live. You can set a specific upload connection speed when transferring files. You can also talk live with the other user on the opposite server. At this point, connections can be made between the servers without the need for another software.


License: 15 days free trial/demo
Engine: 2018.0.0.40
RTL: 32,00
Raize: 6.2.3
LMD: 2017.7

BulletProof FTP Server download
Purchase : BulletProof FTP Server

Features :

Customer file uploads
Webster updates
Remote Backups
Email notification of file uploads
Remove file access
Image storage and retrieval
B2B file transfer
No Microsoft ISS required
When files are too big for e-mail

Install :

Double-click the bpftpserver_install.exe file to install the program. select “I accept the agreement” on the first pop-up window, then press “Next” button. Then repeat this process three more times. When the “Select Additional Tasks” screen appears, uncheck “Automatically add Windows Firewall rules” at the top, then press “Next”. Press the “Install” button when the installation screen opens. The installation will be completed shortly. Finally, press the “Finish” button.

Use :

When you open the program for the first time, an introductory screen opens. Open the program by pressing the “15-day trial” button on this screen. Above the program there are general menu options. I want to give you some information about the buttons in the menu.

Activity : If you press this button, you will see all the information about the active FTP connection on the screen.

Settings : By pressing this button you can change the settings of the program.

User : All registered FTP connections can be viewed on this screen.

Groups : You can use this button to group all the connections individually.

Tools : This screen has tool options for the program. You can use these tools if you want to back up the program, or if you want to do a security test.

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