Blue Angels NAS Oceana Air Show September 2017

Blue Angels NAS Oceana Air Show

Blue Angels NAS Oceana Air Show September 2017

Blue Angels held a spectacular air show in September 2017. The pilots who flew the planes side by side experienced joyful moments in the audience. The fumes emitted by the tail of old war planes used for demonstration, have taken shape. Twenty-thousand spectators at the NAS Oceana Air Base watched this spectacular air show for two hours. On this video you will see the most crucial parts of the show of the aircrafts. The group of Blue Angels who regularly show flight every year continues the demonstration calendar in 2017. Those who want to attend the other shows in 2017 should hurry to buy their tickets. Because of the show in 2018, tickets are already on sale. Those who can not find a ticket may have to watch from the television, so it is your benefit to hurry. You can learn the schedule of the Blue Angels in 2018 from this calendar (Blue Angels schedule 2018).

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This year, United States president Donald Trump will join the NASA Oceana flight show. You should definitely come to watch.

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