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Best PDF eraser software free download. PDF eraser is free. It allows you to erase pictures on any file using the eraser eraser tool. Is the easiest-to-use PDF eraser in similar program. That’s why it’s the first choice for computer users in the United States. You can rotate the file by 90°, 180°, 360° degrees. You can crop images in the file. Various eraser sizes allow you to erase the area you want to erase more smoothly. It allows you to write to a file.

You can add images to the file. It has been developed so you can easily perform a wide variety of operations on the file. This is the best PDF eraser in the group.

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License : Free
Version : 2018
O.S. : Windows (XP,Vista,7,8,10 [32bit + 64bit])
Language : English

Download : PDF Eraser free download

Install :

PDF eraser can be used on computers with Windows operating system. Double-click the pdferaser.exe file you downloaded to your desktop. Press the “Next” button 4 times after the window is opened. Then click the “Install” button on the last screen and then click “Finish” button when the installation is completed. This completes the installation of the PDF eraser software on the computer.

Use :

When you first open the PDF eraser you will see that it has a simple interface. Press the yellow “Open PDF” button in the top menu to add a PDF to the writing. Use this tool to add a file on your computer. To delete an object from the file, click one of the eraser icons in the menu. Move the eraser icon on the object with the mouse. You will see that the object is deleted. The eraser icons are three. The red eraser deletes the icon in small size. The blue icon allows you to perform a larger erase operation. You can use the largest tool of the eraser by pressing the green icon. To add a text file to the file, click the “Add Text” button in the menu and type the text. Press “Add Image” button to add a picture and add it.

This is one of the best PDF converters. When you start using this program you will be very satisfied. We would like to thank the company that developed the software.

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