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Best file compression software 2018, 7Zip Free Download. The software is a 7Zip compression software that minimizes the files in the computer at the minimum size. 7Zip, which is the best file compression software of all time, compresses very large files to very small size. In most parts of the world, the Internet speed is slow, so 7Zip is a software that is very useful in reducing the download time.

It is by default the “normal” option. However, you can change the compression level here. If you want to force more it, you can also select “Ultra”. If you do not compress at all, but you can be a Zip file, you can choose “Uncompressed” in this case. Here you have the option of using compression with an encryption algorithm. However, this is not the password that is asked when the encryption is turned on, only the file compression is done by making encrypted text. I think that this information about the use of the software will suffice and I finish the narrative here.

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About the software :

Software developer : Igor Pavlov
Compatible device : For computers and Laptops
Download size : 32 Bit 1.1 MB / 64 Bit 1.3 MB
O.S. : Windows (XP,Vista,7,8,10) 32 Bit or 64 Bit
Language : English
7 File extensions that the Zip software can compress : .zip + .bzip2 + .gzip + .tar + .wim + .xz

7Zip Download Links

Windows (XP,Vista,7,8,10)

Download : 7Zip free download

Download 64 Bit : 7Zip free download 64 bit

Linux (Debian and Ubuntu)

Download : 7Zip free download for Linux


Install : 7Zip install

7Zip compression software can compress Picture, Music, Video and any file that can work on the computer. In order to better understand the compression capacity I would like to give an example: 7 When you compress 39 GB files using the Zip, it reduces the size considerably to 25GB. We will ensure that files compressed in this way do not take up much space when we want to keep them on the Hard Disk. So you can free up more space on the Hard Disk.

However, I would like to point out that since Pictures and Videos are already compressed file types, we will not expect much performance for them. File compression softwares are predominantly more suitable for reducing the size of files in softwares or games.

The benefits of the 7Zip do not stay with just that. 7Zip internete is a very useful software because it will reduce the size of the file we want to load. For example, we might need a cryptography software to prevent some of your files from being opened or seen by others. In this case 7Zip compression software solves this problem. 7 The zip compression software has a special feature that we can use to set passwords.

7Zip Use

Let’s put the files we want to compress in a folder. Click on the right mouse button on this folder to open the “7-Zip” link. When the mouse cursor hovers over this link, the “Archive” link will appear on the side. When you click on this link, the compression window of the software will be opened. Actually, it is enough to press the “OK” button on the opened window but if you want to compress by making another setting, we change the options there according to our wishes and then we press OK button and start compressing. When the process is finished, the compressed file comes next to the folder to be compressed.

Let’s take a look at what we can do in this opened window:

At the top is the name of the folder we want to compress in the box. We can change the name of this folder here. We can change the filename after compression if we want to. The button to the right of this box shows where the file will be saved. The default location is Desktop. I do not think you need to change this setting.

Zip Archive

The options in this area are where we choose to determine which extension to compress the file we want to compress. Zip is selected by default. If you know what other compression extensions are working, you can choose that compression option.

I will briefly give an example to just one here:

For example, if we choose GZip instead of Zip, we can create a GZip file with this option. We know that a website site map can be compressed with gzip and used in this format. In this case, we can perform gzip compression with the 7Zip software on the site map of the site.

Does this software not support Rar file? (Because you can say “I cannot see the rar option”.)

Answer: The 7Zip can only open the Rar file type, it certainly does not do compression. You will need a Winrar software to run rar.

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