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cube breaking game

Best cube breaking game download. We load and use many games on mobile phones. In this article I can tell you that the game I want to introduce is good enough not to leave your phone in your hand. our aim is to break the same color in side by side in the differently designed cubes.

This game is called “Toy Blast” which you can have a lot of fun. It has a much better quality of visuals than the similar ones, and the graphic design is the best. The cubes consist of blue, green, red, orange, yellow and purple colors. The game needs to be completed in 1601 stages to finish. Different cube breaking tools are added to the game every 20 stages.

In addition, you can make gold racing games with different people by connecting through the internet in games. When you complete one step in the game, you are given a star. If you succeed in spending all the moves or breaking the cube with cube breaking weapons, you get 3 stars. If you complete the stage by breaking down the cube into fewer numbers such as doubles or triples, you will earn 1 star this time. If you complete the stage by breaking down the cube into fewer numbers such as doubles or triples, you will earn 1 star this time. In order to win 2 stars, you have to break some more cubes. Cubs need to break through different obstacles at every stage. This makes the game more difficult later on. But it is a very enjoyable cube breaking game. Features are not just that, there are more.

Cube games download links

Click on the appropriate download link to download the game to your smartphone. Then, when you click the “Load” button on the page that opens, the game starts downloading.

Play on PC : Toy Blast PC

Download for Android devices : Toy Blast Android

Download for IOS devices : Toy Blast IOS

Download for Windows devices : Toy Blast Windows

Toy Blast weapons

Rocket : When you bring 5 cubes next to each other, a Rocket is formed. When you click on the rock, it breaks all the cubes in one line.

Binary Rocket : If you create two rockets and you succeed in bringing the two together, When you blow up the rocket, it breaks all the cubes that come in the form of a plus.

Rocket and destroyer : If you bring a rocket and an extinguisher side-by-side, the color on the gun will put new rockets into those cubes. Then all the rockets burst and almost no cubes remain on the screen.

Dynamite : If you bring 7 cubes side by side, you win a dynamite. When you blow up dynamite, it breaks 6 cube around.

Rocket + Dynamite : If you build one dynamite and one rocket, and if you succeed in bringing these two together, then you become one dynamite rocket. This means that the cubes arranged in a line upwards and downwards in a plus form will break in a 6-sided shape. When you use this weapon, half of the cubes on the screen are usually broken.

Destroy the same colors : If 9 cubes come next to each other, then you have a silage that breaks the same color cubes. However, these features are obtained as long as the Toy Blast game is won and once you have used it once, then you have to bring the cube side by side again to use it once more. These features can be won at every stage of the game.

TNT : If you succeed in bringing two dynamites side by side, you become a TNT owner. When you blow TNT breaks around 36 cube. This move allows you to complete the stage by breaking the majority of the cubes.

Dynamite + Destruction weapon : If you bring a dynamite and a destructive weapon side by side, if there is a color on the weapon, then one dynamite is placed in those kubles. As a result, most of the cubes on the screen burst.

Binary destroyer : This weapon is the most effective game. If you bring two destroyers together, all the cubes on the screen are broken. If you want to win 3 stars at the end of the game you should do this at least once in each stage.

Cube game contests

Star contest : this is a competition with other users of the game. The goal in the race is to have the highest total number of stars earned while passing the stage. The highest number of stars gets 250 gold earning. The 150 gold that finishes the competition in the second place wins. The third person gets 50 gold. The first twenty people get one cube breaking weapon.

Treasure hunt : 50 gold on a chest gets 2 hours of unlimited lifetime reward. In this race, if the 10 stages are finished, the goal is reached and the gifts are won.

Climbing : The aim of this contest is to climb down to five levels. But you must finish the steps without losing any life. If you reach it, you will win 100 gold and various game weapons.

Chance wheel : Every day you will have the chance to turn a new chance. You will win various weapons in the chance wheel, or you will earn 10 gold.

Levels : In the first stages, they become easily broken cubes. After completing the first 20 level, some features are added so that you can earn a weapon. After the 100th level you can compete with people who are online. After the 200th stage, the game becomes difficult. There is another difficult obstacle in every 20 steps. The obstacle is sometimes broken into five cubes. Sometimes it just happens to be an animal that can be broken by rockets. Sometimes when you break a cube, the cubes next to it change. Thus, you are faced with much more difficult steps.

Toy Blast game weapons buy

You may need to buy gold when the stages inside the cube breaking game are passing. Because if you have a lot of gold, you will die and you can play for a longer time. There are also features that you can buy gold at affordable prices. You can also purchase Toy Blast game weapons using your credit card. But I do not recommend it to you because if you are a good player you will earn more gold as the stage finishes.

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