AVG free download 2018


AVG free download 2018. AVG protects your computer very well even in the free version. You can use additional features when you use AVG 2018 full version. However, AVG free antivirus software for personal computers will provide adequate protection. Among the features on the new it is the protection against hacker attacks. Especially if you think that there are virus programs that can not cope with the hacker attacks that are increasing after 2017, this feature will be better understood.


Double-click the AVG_Protection_Free_1606.exe file downloaded to your desktop. When the screen of AVG free opens, press the green “Continue” button. The next window has two options. If you select “Install Basic”, you will install the free AVG antivirus software. If you press “Install the best” button, AVG Internet Security trial version will be installed. If you can make a payment for program, we recommend you choose Internet Security. However, if you don’t want to pay the fee, it will be correct to install AVG Antivirus Free version. Let’s start installing the free version by pressing the “Install Basic” button. The loading time is approximately 120 seconds. After the installation is complete, you should perform a virus scan. To do this, press the green “Scan Computer” button in the program’s interface. If a virus is detected on your computer as a result of a virus scan, it is quarantined. if you want to delete the viruses do it.

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About it :

Software developer : AVG Technologies
Version : 2018
License : Free
O.S. : Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 (64bit & 32bit)

AVG free download 2018


There are five main options in AVG. I want to give information about this.

Computer : You can press this button to scan the computer for viruses.

Web & Email : Delete or block viruses loaded when browsing websites. In addition, your email account will prevent infection.

Hacker Attacks : Hacker provides protection against hackers. Hacker prevents attacks. It prevents hackers from taking over your computer. Block hacker exploits.

Privacy : Maintain the privacy of important files you keep on your computer. Protects your privacy settings while surfing the web browser, preventing your accounts from being stolen.

Payments : Protect your credit card information.

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