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avast 2017

Avast antivirus free download 2017. It is most useful within free distributed antivirus protection. I have only used the Avast for the past five years. According to my experience, Avast 2017 is the PC protection that best removes viruses and other spyware that are released every year. So I advise you to use this software, and I want to write some usage information about it.

Iteasily cleans all viruses on your PC. If there is a spyware software on your PC,  it will find it, and delete it immediately. Avast antivirus 2017 prevents viruses from potentially infecting your computer from the Internet, and prevents them from being saved on the PC.

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It is the second fastest running software according to test results. Is a software that has the most virus list and can update the virus instantly. When evaluated by these characteristics, is in the second rank in general order. Browse test results: Virus scan 10/9,5 – Virus detection 10/9,6 – The total number of viruses that can be deleted 125.425.

Avast antivirus Install

Click on the downloaded EXE file and start the installation process. The program installation window will open. You can continue with the installation by clicking on the “Install” button in this window, but if you want, you can press the “Customize” button to continue the installation without selecting the unwanted softwares. I suggest you press the “customize” button and install it in this way. After pressing the “customize” button, click on the “recommended protection” option in the middle and replace it with the “minimum protection” option. Then press the “install” button and wait for the installation to complete.

After the installation is complete, a window showing the text “You are protected” appears. Press the “continue” button in this window, the next page contains texts about the privacy policy, press the “continue” button again. When the next window opens, you will see a text “Do you want a setup for mobile devices”, click “no” link there. After clicking on the last link, program will be launched.

If your computer has a virus, program will give you a warning. If there are no viruses on your computer, you will see the word “your computer is protected”. Now I want to give you information about the use of the Avast (free version).

Avast antivirus 2017 Use

When you first open the Avast, click to the “run smart scan” button to scan all the hard disks on your computer. This scan process will end in a short period of time, depending on the number of files on your computer. If there is no problem when the virus scan finishes, the message “No virus found” appears.

If you click the “status” button in the menu options on the left side of the software, it informs you whether the computer is protected or not. If you press the “protection” button at the bottom, a window appears with various options. You can do a virus scan by clicking on one of the “antivirus protection”, “security wall”, “web site protection”, and “sandbox” buttons.

The “settings” menu is located at the bottom of the window. In the “settings” window you will find other options such as “update operations”, “subscription operations”, “language option”, “troubleshooting tips”, and various settings. You can make the settings you like using the options on this screen, but I do not think you need to change these settings. The software is very easy to use, and I don’t think this is necessary more detailed information.

Adding a license key for Avast 2017

This is the free version of the program, but if you want to use the pro version you will need a license key. You can obtain this license key from the official website of the program. Press the “license” button on the “settings” menu to register the license key and add a license key.

Avast antivirus 2017 Download Links

Click to install the program and download the avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe file onto the desktop. The file has been scanned for viruses, and it certainly does not contain spyware. It is completely free to install and use.

Avast antivirus free download 2017

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  1. I installed a very high quality protection software on my computer. I am very happy, but I do not want to pay money every year. I am glad if I use this software for free. Could you give me an idea about good antivirus software?

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