Archery history

archery history

Archery history. In the caves in Spain, the arc drawings were seen in the paintings dating from the mesolithic period but, it is believed that archery as an organized sport developed in the third century after milestone. Archery competitions may extend to the 12th century before the milestone. Worldwide Archery Federation (FITA) was established in 1931.

World record :

Men : American Darrell Pace, 1341 points out of 1440 points (1979)
Women : Russian archer Lyudmilla Arshanikova received 1325 points out of 1400 points (1984).

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What is the highest record in archery championship?

Two-round FITA The archers reaching the highest point in the World or Olympic championships are: In males, American Darrell Pace and American Richard McKinney, who scored 2617 points out of 2880 points, set a record in archery. In the women, North Korean Kim Jin Ho, 2616 puana reached. All of these records were set in October 21-22, 1983 in Long Beach, California.

Who is the archer who won the most world championship?

In the archery, the archer, who is the most world champion in men, became the Swedish Hans Deutgen who won four championships between 1947-1950. The female archer with the highest number of first place is Polish Janina Spychajowa-Kurkowska, who has won seven times.

Which is the heaviest arc in the world?

Gary Sentman is an American archer who can shoot the heaviest arrow arc up to the tip of the arrow. On September 20, 1975, the Sentman pulled a 79-kilogram bullet in the city of Forksville, Pennsylvania, up to the tip of the arrow (72 centimeters).

24 hour target archery

The highest score recorded by two archers in a 24 hour clock is 51,633. Jimmy Watt and Gordon Danby obtained this high score on November 18-19, 1977, at the Epsom showground in New Zealand, Auckland.

24 hour field archery

The score for the field archery was set with 123,724 points by the six archers in the club at Lancashire, Pimbo Holland Moss Field on April 28-29, 1983. The individual record belongs to Bill Chambers up to 30.506 points.

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