Amazon Add-On for Mozilla Firefox

Amazon Add-On

Amazon Add-On for Mozilla Firefox free download

You can install the add-on to the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The Amazon add-on allows you to easily access your account via Firefox. This add-on gives you instant information about the opportunity discounts on the website. This plugin allows you to compare prices between similar products. When you want to buy a product through, you can search from the search box of this plugin instead of searching within the website. If users using Mozilla Firefox install the app, it will be much easier to shop online.

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Software development firm : GNU Lesser General Public
Theme title : Mozilla Firefox Amazon Assistant
Google Chrome users : 392,919
Theme fans : 357
Last updated on : June 30 2017
Theme size : 354 KB
Theme version : 3.0
Theme Languages : English (United States)

Download : Amazon Add-On for Mozilla Firefox free download

The most important advantage of the plugin is that you can instantly see opportunities for a product you are interested in when browsing the internet. So you can buy much cheaper products using this plugin.

The Amazon add-on only provides technical support for people living in some countries. These countries are US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Japan, India and China. If you are looking for a shopping plugin for Firefox, this addon may be the plug-in you are looking for. The plugin is compatible with all versions of Firefox. If you are an old browser user, you can update your browser by installing the new version “Mozilla Firefox 2017“.

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