360 Total Security 2018 free download

360 Total Security 2018

360 Total Security 2018 free download. 360 Total Security is a PC protection program installed on computers with Windows operating system. It finds viruses very quickly thanks to the security detection system he developed in 2017. It is a program that can best provide network security for users playing online games on a computer.

You can use 360 Total Security to protect your computer’s firewall. It eliminates all virus threats that can infect computers. It is the fifth best antivirus software among computer protection programs. You do not need to acquire a license key since this program is used for free. However, if you want to install PRO version, you must buy a license key for it.

The features included in the 360 Total Security software are:

Driver updater
Disk analyzer
Privacy cleaner
Data shredder
VPN security
Document protector
Browser protection
Game booster
Registry cleaner
System backup cleaner

360 Total Security 2018 free download link :

360 Total Security 2018 free download

Install for 360 Total Security 2018

Double-click 360TS_Setup_Mini.exe to install the program. A green setup window opens on the screen. Press the green “Install” button to start the installation. The installation is done automatically for about 15 seconds, and when finished, a blue window opens. Open the program by pressing the “Start” button here. The program will open with a window that offers additional software installation options. In this window you will see many useful programs that you can install on your computer. If you do not want to install them, you can browse the 360 Total Security window by closing the window.

360 Total Security Use

On the 360 Total Security window you will see a menu with five buttons. I want to give you information about the buttons.

Full protection : If you press the “Check now” button while this window is open, your computer will be accelerated. Then, a virus scan is done. Finally, the computer is controlled to provide internet security. Virus threats are removed in the meanwhile.

Virus scan : There are three scanning options on this window. Press the first button to scan the computer quickly. Press the second button to perform a full scan. Press the button on the right to perform a custom scan. press th button buton. Under these buttons you will see mini buttons to activate various antivirus programs. If you want, you can change the virus scanning method by pressing the Bitdefender mode button.

Acceleration : A setup window opens where you can check the startup items on the computer. Also, if you have scheduled tasks, you can remove them here. You will see several suggestions to improve network performance.

Cleaning : You can open this window to remove the plug-ins installed in the Web browser program. Or you can increase internet speed by deleting cookie files.

Toolbox : One feature that distinguishes 360 Total Security from other antivirus software is that it has these tools. You can use a variety of security tools free of charge.

360 Total Security 2018 Update

Click the button with a number similar to at the bottom left corner of the program to make 360 Total Security updates. An update window opens and updates are completed immediately.

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